536PS on the RAD in the Mercedes GLA45 AMG from EPD Motorsports

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Chiptuning Mercedes GLA45 AMG World Record 1 536PS on the RAD in the Mercedes GLA45 AMG from EPD Motorsports

Yesterday the EPD Motorsports team trumpeted on their Facebook timeline that they had achieved a new world record in terms of increasing the performance of the Mercedes GLA45 AMG. Of course, the tuner is only based on what it has heard about performance increases in the GLA, but we can't do it any other way. And if you look at, for example, the maximum increase in performance with designation V45RS from tuner Väth, on 446PS & 539NM torque, the statement from EPD could well correspond to the facts. According to the performance diagram and own statement, you achieved an insane 4 PS & 536 Newton meters of torque using Stage 676 tuning at the wheel! We refer to a towing capacity (Towing power is a part of the power loss of the engine called) of about 15% so the GLA should blow up the 600 PS brand and as far as the torque is concerned the 800 Newtonmeter will be targeted.

Chiptuning Mercedes GLA45 AMG World Record 3 536PS on the RAD in the Mercedes GLA45 AMG from EPD Motorsports

According to its own information, the engine already delivered 329PS & 420NM torque in the factory state (at the wheel) which is capped with the factory information and is surprisingly accurate compared to the series performance specified by Mercedes. But unfortunately not really more information about the increase in performance was given, which we think is a shame. However, we know that the turbochargers have been replaced and replaced by more powerful ones, there were also components from AMS Performance as well as a Frequency Intelligent Exhaust sports exhaust system and a new fuel pump & injection. In terms of optics, too, the company was more than economical with its information. We can see a matt gray foil (or painting) and also a set of alloy wheels that may have come from the home of HRE Performance Wheels and are about 19-20 inches tall.

Behind the silver painted alloy wheels you can see a redesigned brake system with golden calipers front and rear. Also, the GLA was significantly lowered and has not really much in common with a crossover. The last obvious change was a large roof spoiler installed that could possibly come from Brabus. We hate to give you any details but we could not ignore the extremely modified GLA. We therefore hope that we will receive even more concrete information, especially on the modifications around the increase in performance. Once this is the case we will of course update this post. It's best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

Chiptuning Mercedes GLA45 AMG World Record 5 536PS on the RAD in the Mercedes GLA45 AMG from EPD Motorsports

(Photos: EPD Motorsports)

These are the changes to the Mercedes GLA45 AMG:

  • Lowering (sports springs, coil springs, sports suspension, coilover suspension - more information is not available)
  • Performance increase Stage 4 on 536PS & 676NM -> corresponds to approx. 600 PS & 800 Newton meters - (chip tuning, turbocharger replaced, components from AMS Performance, fuel pump & injection new)
  • Frequency Intelligent Exhaust Sport Exhaust System
  • matt gray foil (or varnish)
  • Set of alloy wheels (possibly HRE Performance Wheels, approx. 19-20 inches tall, silver)
  • revised brake system with golden brake calipers front and rear
  • Roof spoiler (possibly from Brabus)

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More steam than an E63 AMG!

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