NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

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NOVITEC Lamborghini Bodykit Tuning 2019 32 NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

The super SUV from the sports car factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese with 478 kW / 650 PS is already one of the strongest representatives of its kind. After high performance has been one of NOVITEC's core competencies for decades, the engine engineers developed power enhancements in three stages for the Lamborghini Urus. They elicit the charged V8 between 549 kW / 747 PS and maximum 575 kW / 782 PS. In all versions, the NOVITEC N-TRONIC tuning modules, with one copy of each cylinder bank installed in plug-and-play technology, play a crucial role. The two additional control units supply the engine management system with newly adjusted engine maps for injection, boost pressure control and ignition, which enormously increases peak power and torque. The aerodynamically optimized NOVITEC high-performance exhaust systems, optionally with or without damper control, and 100-Zeller sports metal catalysts optimize the power output even more.

132 horsepower and 182 Nm more

NOVITEC Lamborghini Bodykit Tuning 2019 36 NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

In level 3 there is an enormous 132 horsepower and 182 Nm more available than in the series: the tuned, four-liter eight-cylinder biturbo then develops 575 kW / 782 hp at 6 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 200 Nm at just 1.032 tours. In conjunction with the eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, the NOVITEC tuned Lamborghini Urus sprints from 2.900-3,3 km / h in just 0 seconds. The super SUV increases its top speed to 100 km / h. But NOVITEC not only gives the Italian all-wheel-drive vehicle superior performance. The optics and handling are also being thoroughly revised by the specialists. Spectacular wide versions for the super sports cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren have shaped the NOVITEC range for years. The new ESTESO wide version for the Lamborghini Urus, which received its aerodynamic fine-tuning in the wind tunnel, seamlessly continues this tradition.

Body components in original equipment quality

NOVITEC Lamborghini Bodykit Tuning 2019 9 NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

The body components are manufactured in original equipment quality from PUR Rim and are therefore not only visually an extravagant treat: they also set in terms of fit, paintability and ease of installation standards. The 14 body modification can be carried out not only in the NOVITEC manufactory in Stetten, but also at every NOVITEC partner around the world. With the strikingly shaped ESTESO fender flares on the front and rear axles, the width of the Urus increases by ten at the front and even by twelve centimeters on the rear axle on 2,13 meters. The NOVITEC ESTESO side skirts create an aerodynamically optimized transition between the wheel arches and make the Urus look visually deeper and stretched. In addition, the side view with visible carbon parts for the side panels on the front fenders and the side mirror housings can be defined even more sporty. The bumpers are adapted to the spacers on the front with a bespoke ESTESO front spoiler.

NOVITEC bonnet in noble visible carbon

NOVITEC Lamborghini Bodykit Tuning 2019 38 NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

The standard apron can also be visually refined with visible carbon fiber panels that replace the standard black plastic parts. Another striking "facelift" for the front view can be achieved with the optionally available NOVITEC bonnet. This part is available in different versions, optionally also with sight-carbon insert at the upper end or completely made from this composite material. As with all NOVITEC carbon fiber parts, there is also a choice between conventional carbon structure or the unusual Forged Carbon variant, which offers a completely different look with the same high strength. At the rear, the ESTESO extensions were modeled so that they perfectly connect to the sides of the rear apron. The center section is replaced by the diffuser-shaped ESTESO insert, which perfectly stages the four rectangular NOVITEC tailpipes. These panels are available in polished stainless steel or matt black coated.

also compatible with the standard exhaust system

NOVITEC Lamborghini Bodykit Tuning 2019 4 NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

The NOVITEC end pieces are designed so that they can be combined not only with the sports exhaust of the refiner, but also with the standard exhaust system. To further optically modify the rear end, and to achieve a balanced aerodynamic balance between the front and rear axles together with the ESTESO front spoiler, an equally efficient and visually attractive combination of roof spoiler and rear spoiler lip has been developed. Both elements are made of carbon fiber. Of course, these NOVITEC aerodynamic parts also fit any URUS without ESTESO wide version. The sporty carbon look can also be achieved in production cars: NOVITEC also offers carbon fiber components for the standard body, which replace numerous parts on the front and rear aprons. To a NOVITEC refined Lamborghini super-SUV course include custom wheel / tire combinations for the Urus, with or without ESTESO Breitversion. Together with the development department of Vossen, the NOVITEC technicians developed the NL4 alloy wheels in the king size dimensions 10.5Jx23 in the front and 12Jx23 for the rear axle.

Vossen Wheels NL4 alloy wheels

NOVITEC Lamborghini Bodykit Tuning 2019 1 NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

Despite their huge size, these wheels are made to last with their state-of-the-art forging technology, making them extremely durable yet lightweight. Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires of sizes 285 / 35 R 23 and 325 / 30 R 23 were chosen after extensive test drives as optimal tires. The NOVITEC NL4 design fascinates with its six filigree spokes, which run out to the outer edge in a wide spread Y and make the wheels look even bigger. The hub cap in the central closure design gives these rims a purebred racing look. Just as exceptional as the format of these wheels is the individuality offered with them: Not only are there a total of 72 colors to choose from, but also smooth, brushed or polished surfaces. The NOVITEC control module for standard, adaptive air suspension offers another plus for the look and optimized handling by lowering the center of gravity. This lowers the Italian super-SUV by about 25 millimeters. Exclusive NOVITEC interior fittings in every imaginable color and design also fulfill the most unusual wishes of the owners of the Lamborghini Urus. If we receive timely information on further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if yours is just ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Novitec)

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NOVITEC Lamborghini Urus with 782 PS and 1.032 Nm

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