Polestar continues to push vehicle connectivity with over-the-air update to Android R!

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Polestar continues to focus more on the connectivity of its vehicles. Polestar 2 intelligently evolves again with the latest update that includes Android R for the Android Automotive OS infotainment system. The current software update opens up further future potential for app applications and functions and will be available from the beginning of April 2022. The P2.0 software update is the latest in an ongoing series of over-the-air (OTA) updates. Improved software versions are downloaded remotely and then installed. This allows Polestar 2 owners to take advantage of new features, more power and personalization faster. Since the launch of Polestar 2, ten major OTA releases totaling almost 100 improvements have been made. That's an average of one major OTA release every seven weeks. Recent examples of advancements made available via OTA updates include powertrain optimizations, the ability to schedule preferred charging times, improvements to the Polestar Digital Key, an Eco climate mode to increase real-world driving range, and battery preconditioning for charging optimization.

Over-the-air update

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Statistics also show that OTA updates offer numerous advantages and improved convenience: more than 90 percent of Polestar 2 owners install the updates. "The software technology in our cars shouldn't differ much from the way the latest software is loaded onto smartphones in everyday life' said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. "With OTA updates, our customers receive constant improvements without having to visit a workshop. We are very encouraged by the positive response, as evidenced by the exponential increase in OTA installations, and we will continue to deliver continuous advancements.Making its OTA debut in November 2021, the Performance Software Upgrade will be available for purchase on eligible Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor vehicles in select markets. It is currently also available for leasing customers in Germany. The Performance Software upgrade offers a sharper driving experience as well as more power and torque.

Performance software upgrade

Specifically, the output of the two-motor drive train increases to 350 kW and 680 Nm, the sprint time from 0 to 100 km/h is reduced to 4,4 seconds and the response behavior is sharpened overall. Looking ahead to 2022, Polestar aims to build on the positive customer response and drive the rollout of more apps, starting with the Journey Log app, which launched in February 2022. The app allows logbooks to be exported - a useful feature for those who want to claim travel expenses at work. The Journey Log app is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, Sweden and Australia and will be gradually rolled out in all markets where the Google Play Store is available. A number of infotainment features were also introduced for the Polestar 2 in 2021. The most popular among customers are the Vivaldi browser, the video player and the web app "A Better Routeplanner", each with more than 12.000 downloads (as of the end of March 2022). Polestar will continue to work with partners and developers using Android Automotive OS.

Polestar 2 display tuning software

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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