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"World Exhibition 2021": Bauhaus meets Porsche culture!

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World Exhibition 2021 Bauhaus meets Porsche Culture 2 "World Exhibition 2021": Bauhaus meets Porsche culture!

As Tom Gädtke, also known as @onassisporsches, 2015 brought 18 like-minded people together in a parking lot in the Ruhr area for the first time, it was not yet foreseeable that this would develop into one of the most unique Porsche events in Europe in the next five years. The heart of the event has been the community - "The People" - and the idea of ​​creating a unique world every year in which they come together. Tunnelrun, Triangle Of Madness, 800 or Airtimes Event were the names under which Tom's event took place over the past few years. This year, the meeting of Porsche enthusiasts was entirely under the theme of the Bauhaus and was called the World Exhibition, based on the Bauhaus movement and the German pavilion in Barcelona in 1929.

"World Exhibition 2021"

The organizers took up the world-famous aesthetics of the Bauhaus style primarily on the visual level. The location was the only industrial complex ever planned by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Krefeld, which was built in 1931. Just a year before that, the architect was appointed head of the Bauhaus in Weimar.

Homogeneous imagery

The unique condition of the monument is also special. The main hall of the complex is in a largely restored original condition. Whereas the adjacent industrial hall is more reminiscent of an abandoned ruin. Together with the creative agency @ 1993agency Tom planned and organized the entire event and created a homogeneous world of images in which the community came together.

World Exhibition 2021 Bauhaus meets Porsche Culture 11 "World Exhibition 2021": Bauhaus meets Porsche culture!

“Form follows function” as one of the design principles from architecture and design can be found both in the Bauhaus architecture of the site and in the design of all the Porsches that came together at the event. Bauhaus and Porsche stand for timeless classics and were able to merge perfectly at the “World Exhibition” in Krefeld.

Exhibition of Porsche Classic

While the community created a perfect picture with their unique cars on the outside of the complex, inside, together with Porsche Classic, an innovative, artistic world was created that blended perfectly into the overall picture. The original 07 book by Porsche Classic, which could be personalized by the visitors on site, was launched with an accompanying exhibition with numerous artistically staged new parts and offered an interesting contrast to the old shed roof hall.

In the adjoining and completely unrestored part of the hall, some of the most famous iconic off-road Porsches of all time could be admired and photographed up close. The sight of a legendary Paris-Dakar 959, which brought the double victory in 1986, next to a 911 SC Safari, two creatively constructed Cayennes with roof tent, and the Taycan Cross Turismo with full superstructures, is not every day.

In addition to Porsche, Recaro and Fuchs Felgen also presented themselves with their own exhibition areas. Legendary Fuchs rims and Recaro racing seats could be admired and one or two virtual races could be driven. To take a breather, there was free coffee and waffles in the café next door.

The atmosphere at the event could not have been more relaxed: More than 500 enthusiasts enjoyed an afternoon on the meadow in front of the main building, marveled at the many unique cars or took a test drive through Krefeld with a Taycan model in the most beautiful late summer weather.

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