Rotary piston engine with 1.217 hp: Mazda 3 for the Pikes Peak 2022!

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A 1.217 HP Rotary Engine Mazda 3 For The Pikes Peak 2022 4

Only 5 more months, then the legendary 100 km long event will take place for the 19,99th time Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the mountains of Colorado (USA) with 156 corners and an average gradient of 7,2 percent. It is considered one of the toughest and most extreme motorsport events ever and this time it seems that a lot of people are taking part. Because Michael Whiddett (a.k.a. "Mad Mike") has signed up and wants to go with a heavily tuned Mazda 3 dare to try. The vehicle is a monster with Wankel engine and more than 1.200 hp. And we have the fact that the “rotary piston engine” can achieve this already various conversions shown in the past. With first details and renderings on the channel from madmike.123 (Instagram) he is now increasing the excitement for the race in the summer. One can be seen on the four-door Mazda 3 Red Bull livery, there is a crazy one bodykit with XXL double wing at the rear, front spoiler, diffuser, side skirts & Co, and also one Lowering, larger rims with Toyo slippers and a sports brake system can be seen. Furthermore, four rise up tailpipes from the engine straight out the left side of the hood.

a rotary piston engine with 1.217 hp

A 1.217 HP Rotary Engine Mazda 3 For The Pikes Peak 2022 3

And coupled to the exhaust pipes is the one mentioned rotary engine with four rotors, the crazy one 1.217 PS should mobilize that apparently only on the rear wheels be transmitted. For us, the biggest disadvantage of the vehicle. all wheel drive might be the better choice for a performance of a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. However, the complete route paved for several years what the Power unit naturally benefits. It remains to be seen whether the Mazda 3 is a serious opponent for the rally, which starts at about 2.800 meters and ends at almost 4.300 meters. However, it is also not really known whether Whiddett is actually aiming for victory or even a record time. The record has been since 2018 7: 57,148 minutes. Driven by Romain Dumas on an electric Volkswagen ID.R. At that time, VW had no plans cease all motorsport activities. If we get more information about the Mazda 3 from "Mad Mike", there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

A 1.217 HP Rotary Engine Mazda 3 For The Pikes Peak 2022 2

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A Wankel engine with 1.217 hp: Mazda 3 for the Pikes Peak 2022!
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