Mighty - 20 incher & massive lift kit on the Toyota Fortuner

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20 Inch LiftKit Toyota Fortuner Tuning 1

Yesterday there was on the website of the, specializing in off-road vehicles, tuners Autobot Autoworks Off-Road a, somewhat aged, Toyota Fortuner the model generation AN50 / AN60 which has been significantly modified for off-road use. The focus was on improving the terrain properties, which was implemented by raising the body and a new wheelset into action. The chassis now consists of four Ridemax 4way shock absorbers in combination with Lovell's springs which provide a significant boost.

20 Inch LiftKit Toyota Fortuner Tuning 3

The set-up is rounded off by a new wheel set from Hussla and here the decision was made for the SPITFIRE type in the dimensions 20 × 9 inches all around. The wheel set is equipped with Monsta off-road tires in 275 / 55r20, which offer excellent traction, especially off-road. There were also a few visual changes and so the Japanese got a modified grille including headlight frame, larger running boards for easier entry, headlight frames for the taillights that protect against damage and a large rear rack.

20 Inch LiftKit Toyota Fortuner Tuning 5

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20 Inch LiftKit Toyota Fortuner Tuning 4

(Photos: Autobot Autoworks Off-Road)

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