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In preparation - Rocket Bunny widebody Honda S2000

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rocket bunny pandem honda s2000 tuning 3 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

That could become something! While frankly I'm a bit skeptical if I have one Nissan GT-R or VW Golf with a "Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto body kit“See, I find that more suitable for the Honda S1999, which was released in 2000. This is exactly the plan that should be in place within the next 2 months because the Japanese team around Kei Miura wants to realize exactly that. But just a little bit more about the history of the S2000! The Honda S2000 is a sporty roadster from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. It achieves its sportiness thanks to rear-wheel drive and front mid-engine as well as a classic 6-speed manual transmission. The S2000 was developed under the overall project management of Shigeru Uehara (chief engineer). He was also responsible for the then Honda NSX. And one can hardly believe it, the first model (code AP1) came already 1999 on the market, and thus nearly 20 years ago. For ten years, the S2000 was then produced almost unchanged until the year 2009.

rocket bunny pandem honda s2000 tuning 5 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

Originally in the Tochigi production facility (was actually intended for the Honda NSX), later in Suzuka. In 2009 Honda decided to stop producing the S2000. In Germany, the roadster was not very successful because a total of less than 5000 vehicles have been registered since its presentation. But the S2000 also has its fan base in this country and certainly some will be happy about what Kei Miura is planning for the classic. He now wants to see his well-known WideBody components on the 241 PS Roadster. And the plan could work, because somehow the Japanese seems made for exactly that. The Rocket Bunny Pandem Bodykit consists of a large front bumper that contains a front spoiler that is held in place by struts and has integrated sidewings on the right and left. A main focus are of course the significantly widened front fenders which make the overall impression look much more beefy. There are also large side skirts that merge into powerful attachments for the side walls and the rear bumper has also been revised with one approach.

rocket bunny pandem honda s2000 tuning 4 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

Obvious is of course the huge wing mechanism on the boot lid which ensures that the additionally attached Ducktail spoiler lip looks almost graceful. But of course, the extreme body kit is only perfect if the rest of the vehicle is still significantly changed. Specifically, this means a brutal lowering, a fat set of alloy wheels or an increase in performance may not be missing. While in the virtual images, the lowering, and the wheelset are already installed, one can only speculate on an increase in performance. After all, you can see a huge intercooler at the front and enough potential has the S2000, as we know, definitely. Another cool thing is the roll cage installed here, which not only ensures significantly more safety in the event of a rollover, but also has a visual right to exist. We are already looking forward to the first real pictures and can imagine that the body kit for the S2000 will be a complete success. Of course, if we get more information, there will be an update for this report, as always. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

rocket bunny pandem honda s2000 tuning 2 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

(Photos: Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto)

These are the changes to the Honda S2000:

  • Rocket Bunny Pandem Bodykit (new significantly widened front fenders, large front bumper with front spoiler attached via struts and integrated sidewings, large side skirts, attachments for the side walls - fender flares, huge rear wing, spoiler lip for the boot lid, attachment for the rear bumper)
  • Roll cage
  • black taillights
  • Recaro bucket seats
  • approx. 19-20 Zol large aluminum wheels with clear low bed (black)
  • extreme lowering (coilovers, airride air suspension more information is not available)
  • possibly an increase in performance - (due to the large intercooler)
  • Sport exhaust system (more information is not available)
  • modified brake system with perforated brake discs and yellow brake calipers

rocket bunny pandem honda s2000 tuning 1 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

We still have many thousands more tuning reports on, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE. And with the Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto body kit, we also have a few other vehicles, the following is a small extract:

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Subaru BRZ Pandem rocketbunny Body kit 2016 Widebody kit Rotiform LHR Tuning 1 1 e1470715524644 310x165 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

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Pandem 86V3 Toyota GT86 Tuning Widebody Dress 1 1 e1470630319310 310x165 In Preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

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Rocket Bunny Wide Bodykit on Nissan 350Z in red 1 e1463025504687 310x165 In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

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go In preparation Rocket Bunny Widebody Honda S2000

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