Video: TwinTurbo Lexus V8 in the Subaru WRX 

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Twin turbo Lexus V8 in the Subaru WRX 6

Diesen Twin turbo Subaru WRX from South Africa we have to show you. He was on the YouTube channel presented and specifically it is one 2011er Subaru STI with an unusual one Motorswap. Nolan is the owner of the Subaru and he quickly threw out the four-cylinder boxer engine (EJ25) and by means of 4,3 liter Lexus V8 replaced with twin turbochargers. Visually, the Japanese looks like any other, slightly tuned, STI. Something lower, some new ones Rims and that was it. However, it definitely sounds different. Nolan decided to use the 3UZ VVTi engine and coupled the engine to a Sports exhaust systemcoming out of the front bumper on the right. The interior of the engine is currently still standard, if you look at the sentence GT 3582 turbocharger in the human body and facts about the HKS blow-offs disregards.

Twin-turbo Lexus V8 in the Subaru WRX

Due to the now very far forward sitting transmission, the Subaru has no all-wheel drive more. And some custom work was required as well, with Nolan making his own Transmission and engine mounts developed as well as a modified one subframe. And because the V8 is significantly longer than the standard four-cylinder, the cooler put a little forward. Nevertheless, the series proportions have remained. The front end of the STI was not extended. The vehicle is currently driving with a Low Boost Configuration, with only 0,6 bar (8,7 psi) boost pressure. This allows 363 PS & 485 Nm torque. Nolan has spent three years customizing the Subaru so far, and the project isn't finished yet.


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Twin-turbo Lexus V8 in the Subaru WRX
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