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Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

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Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

Photo credit: Brabus

Brabus recently got the brand new one 92R Smart EQ presented. It's a completely electric city runabout. Welcome to presence! But over 20 years ago, the world was still fine. Because the Bottrop tuner was considering a powerful one V6 to cram into the smart. Ok, not in the ForTwo, but in the Roadster. Yes, first some information about the production vehicle. On the IAA 1999 showed smart one concept car. Greatest possible driving pleasure with compact dimensions at the same time should be the criteria for the expansion of the model range. The idea was quickly developed further and a second body variant, the Roadster Coupe, was included at the Paris Motor Show glazed rear section, presented. With a trunk enlarged to 189 liters, the concept study was a bit more suitable for everyday use than its little brother. In April 2003, both versions went into series production. The sales figures remained behind, which was partly due to the high price and the low engine power.

the roadster was never a success

Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

Even the automated, sequential six-speed gearbox with the well-known commemorative quarter hour did not exactly contribute to the sales success. All in all, the vehicle simply did not meet the expectations of sporty drivers. Strictly speaking, the Smart Roadster was more like a Targa than a real Roadster, as only the small roof section directly above the two occupants could be opened. But many were missing that real open air feeling. And also the "civil" Brabus variant performance increase, bigger wheels and new Exhaust tailpipes couldn't change the low sales. The main reason for this was the basic price of EUR 24.950 Smart Brabus Roadster and 26.570 EUR at Smart Brabus Roadster Coupe. The basic version increased with tiny 61 PS at 14.990 EUR. As early as the end of 2005, what had to happen, the board decided to stop production. Up to this point 43.091 copies had been built, of which 11.000 had not yet been sold. With the release of various Special models, also in cooperation with Brabus, Smart gradually sold the vehicles.

Ten true "Secret Classics"

Smart was already working with Mercedes-Benz engine development when it was launched and the tuner Brabus together. From two Three-cylinder engines from Smart arose V6 engine with 1.396 cubic centimeters of displacement. With one turbocharger per cylinder bank, the engine output increased 125 kW / 170 PS and 220 Nm torque. In addition, a subsequently automated, limited to five courses, Six-speed manual gearbox from the Smart ForFour CDI built in, bringing the vehicles after 5,8 seconds pace 100 achieved.

Modification of the production model

In order to accommodate the significantly larger engine in the rear, the rear End below the body and the Arm be completely rebuilt. The 50 liter one Petrol tank from motorsport accessories was relocated under the front hood. In order to be able to safely slow down the extra power, the Rear axle disc brakes installed. In order to save space and weight, the Power Steering, ESP and traction control and a Air conditioning waived, the ABS remained on board. All ten prototypes of the Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo were in the Ferrari color "Rosso corsa“Painted. In the rear side windows were Air outlets integrated and with additional Aeroflics in front and a changed one Spoiler Sufficient downforce was ensured at the rear.

Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

Three out of ten cars are left

In the interior were found with black diamond leather covered sports seats. Provided accents red seams and elements painted in body color. To separate the cockpit and engine compartment from each other, Brabus drew one Carbon bulkhead with washer a. Shortly after the world premiere as part of the "100 years of Solitude racing“The prototypes were used by some car magazines for driving reports, after which they disappeared into oblivion. Since the maintenance effort was enormous - The entire engine had to be removed for an oil change - the stock was on three vehicles decreased. One is now with Brabus and two in the Mercedes-Benz factory collection. None of the prototypes went to a private person, the reason is probably the estimated price of 330.000 EUR have been.

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Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

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Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

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Tuning classic: Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo!

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