Toyota Supra (MK4) with contemporary tuning

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Toyota Supra MK4 contemporary tuning 3 Toyota Supra (MK4) with contemporary tuning

The fourth generation Toyota Supra was made through the film franchise "Fast and Furious" a true legend. Good specimens with little or no tuning are sought-after collector's items today, and sometimes switch for over 100.000 euros the owner. Many of the 45.000 or so vehicles built that left the factory remained should not in their original condition, as their owners have often converted them into craft stalls. Thus are well preserved Supra MK4 models very rare today, and among car fans who use the JDM scene are familiar, extremely popular. Today we're introducing you to a copy that is in Scotland turns its rounds, and from its owner James Dron, who is also a guitarist in various rock bands and has already been on major festival stages in Great Britain, very discreet and contemporary has been modified.

Rock ´n´Roll for the street.

While drummers in a rock band would rather tune a VW Multivan, or maybe an SUV to have enough space for their equipment, James Dron decided to modify a Supra, and in Aston Martin shade AST5052D called Storm Black to paint. This shade is not pure black, it still contains red flakeswhich shine particularly strongly in sunlight.

In addition there are high-sheen, three-piece CCW LM5T rims in 18-inch format, on the Toyo R888 tires the dimension 245/40 on the front axle, and tires of the same model in the format 295/30 on the rear. Also found a HKS Kansai front splitter made of carbon fiber, as well Ridox carbon side skirts the way to the Supra. To lie even deeper, James Dron also built in BC Racing coilover kit with the label BR.

Toyota Supra MK4 contemporary tuning 6 Toyota Supra (MK4) with contemporary tuning

The braking system of the Supra has also been modified because it complies with the EU specification Four-piston fixed caliper at the front as well as brake discs with 323 mm Diameter acts. Come on the rear axle Two-piston fixed calipers are used and the pulley diameter is 324 mm. In any case, the Supra rocks every tuning meeting with flying colors, and from our point of view the contemporary tuning of the millennium years suits it perfectly.

Sportiness dominates the interior.

The interior is more heavy metal than fluffy rock, and it's coming Recaro SR5 seats used, which on a Bride seat frames with the model designation RO were installed. A bowl-shaped Nardi Deep Corn sports steering wheel with a diameter of 350 mm creates a racing atmosphere. Also are additional digital instruments from Defi DSSC with on board as well as a OEM subwoofer, which ensures a lot of bass in the car and can make the tin vibrate.

Toyota Supra MK4 contemporary tuning 1 Toyota Supra (MK4) with contemporary tuning

A 2JZ-GTE engine provides plenty of propulsion.

The legendary six-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of three liters, the one with a GReddy T88-34D turbocharger has been equipped, can probably present the entire range of automotive sound without any problems. Together with the Getrag 6-speed manual transmission and various modifications like one Downpipe from cat, one installed in the front Intercooler, One Cold air intake by GReddy, 850cc injectors from Sard, one ECU remapping from HKS and other tuning measures, this Supra not only rocks the autobahn, but also plays first fiddle on the boulevard. Unfortunately we have none more precise information on power and torque, but both should be more than sufficient in any case.

Toyota Supra MK4 contemporary tuning 9 Toyota Supra (MK4) with contemporary tuning

Our Summary to this Toyota Supra MK4:

Clear the stage for the big show. Tuner and rock musician James Dron proves that he knows how to gracefully refine a classic automobile that has a large fan base so that it doesn't look like a handicraft shop. No Supra MK4 deserves something like that. If we get more information about the changes to the Supra, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Modified Toyota Supra MK4 with contemporary tuning.
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