Tuning classic: + 700 PS V12 in the BMW X5 Le Mans!

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More X5 is not possible! When a BMW X5 drives the engine from the Le Mans winning vehicle, the legendary McLaren F1 owns, then in our opinion the “SUV” can be called the “coolest box of all time”. This unique X5 (E53) comes from a time when engineers were allowed to do more. And the result is the 2001 unique piece "BMW X5 Le Mans". And even two decades later, the X5 has lost none of its fascination. This is mainly due to the drive, of course. The huge one V12 naturally aspirated engine from the McLaren F1 is a stunner. And in the video below, BMW has brought the first performance crossover out of the hallowed halls and looks back. Under the mighty changed Hood with an XXL air inlet that sits 6,1 liter V12 from the "racing version" of the McLaren F1.

more power than in a racing car

And in the X5, the machine even has even more power. After all, BMW did not have to pay attention to any regulations for the study. The results are more than 700 hp (+120 hp compared to the racing trim) and 720 NM Torque that is achieved by eliminating the air volume limit limiter and installing a specially made exhaust system. For the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h only pass 4,7 seconds and on the Döttinger Höhe of the Nordschleife the X5 reached crazy 311 km/h. And that in a 20-year-old SUV with a weight of more than two tons and the aerodynamics of a wall unit!!!

7:49 minutes for the circumnavigation of the Nordschleife

Overall, the X5 Le Mans only needs 7: 49 minutes for the circumnavigation of the Nordschleife. A Porsche 911 Carrera S, a Pagani Zonda F or a Ferrari F 12 Berlinetta are just over 15 seconds faster. And the X5 has more to offer than just the fat engine. The one-off has rear-wheel drive and a crisp Six-speed manual. He also likes golden ones BBS wheels and at the stern one shows up central double exhaust system. There are four inside Bucket seats from Recaro and lots of racing flair "without airbags". All of this enables an almost perfect Weight distribution of 51:49. The best thing in any case is the completely crazy soundscape.

further details about the single piece from Munich:

  • 7.42,253 minutes (driven by Hans-Joachim "Strietzel" Stuck in June 2001)
  • Prototype based on the BMW X5 E53
  •  6,1 liter V12 engine from the Le Mans winning car V12 LMR with weight-optimized carbon cover
  • Performance: over 700 PS
  • Engine from the BMW V12 LMR
  • 720 Newtonmeter torque
  • 4,7 seconds on Tempo 100
  • official top speed 278 km / h (without rear seats - at the top even 311 km / h)
  • 2.130 kilograms curb weight
  • laminated carbon bonnet
  • widened panels of the front and rear bumpers
  • Widenings on the wheel arches and sills
  • other exterior mirrors
  • Depending on the application profile, tires of dimension 315/35 or 275/40 at the front, 315/35 at the rear
  • Axle load distribution 51 percent at the front to 49 percent at the rear
  • Chassis lowered by 30 millimeters
  • 20-inch rims of the type BBS LM (known as BBS "Le Mans")
  • Interior with four decidedly sporty bucket seats
  • Central tunnel covered over a large area

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700 PS V12 in the BMW X5 Le Mans!
Photo credit: BMW

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