Vilner Acura MDX Morph - finished with real butterflies

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Vilner Acura MDX Morph Butterfly Tuning 11 Vilner Acura MDX Morph finished with real butterflies

What do you do if a Chinese butterfly breeder shows up with a small box of dead butterflies and would like to somehow immortalize them in their own vehicle? You think for a moment and then start your project! Exactly the same was the procedure at the latest blow of the Bulgarian tuner Vilner who is known for modifying a wide variety of vehicle interiors. After some of her award-winning animals perished, the owner wanted to have them always in front of her eyes and always take them with her. And then an idea was born that just had to be put into practice. The absolute highlight are of course the animals themselves, which were painted on the passenger side of the interior trim and thus belong to the Acura MDX forever. You have to say that since we have already seen stuffed cats as drones, this variant is of course much more acceptable, but still not to be viewed entirely uncritically. But that's not our topic either ...

Vilner Acura MDX Morph Butterfly Tuning 18 Vilner Acura MDX Morph finished with real butterflies

In addition to the unique interior trim, the vehicle still gets an individual Night Sky headliner which is extremely similar to that of a Rolls Royce Wraith, if not quite as high quality. The entire rest of the vehicle was also given a design that is modeled on that of a butterfly in many places. For this purpose, blue accents in Alcantara have been set everywhere and an embroidered outline of a butterfly can be found on the center armrest. Otherwise, the vehicle was completely modified in the style of the many cars already presented by Vilner, which means the completely leather-covered door panels or a dashboard completely covered with Alcantara is also available in the Acura. And the outside of the vehicle has also been given a new look by applying a matt black film which, with its brushed surface and the many color accents all around, right up to the rims, gives the car a unique style. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Vilner Acura MDX Morph Butterfly Tuning 7 Vilner Acura MDX Morph finished with real butterflies

(Photos: Vilner)

These are the changes to the Acura MDX:

  • real butterfly wings on the interior moldings
  • Rolls Royce Wraith Style Headliner (Night Sky)
  • Butterfly wing motif on the central armrest, the door panels and the seats (combination of black-purple7blue)
  • new leather and blue-purple Alcantara everywhere
  • Dashboard completely covered with Alcantara
  • blue / purple foliate accents on the outside
  • completely matt black foil (brushed look)

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Noble little Italian - Alfa Romeo Mito from tuner Vilner

Alfa Romeo Mito Tuning Interior Vilner 1 310x165 Vilner Acura MDX Morph refined with real butterflies

After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

Tesla Model X Tuning Interior Vilner 15 310x165 Vilner Acura MDX Morph refined with real butterflies

Mercedes S-Class S63 AMG with interior from Vilner

Vilner Mercedes S63 AMG W222 Tuning Interior 1 310x165 Vilner Acura MDX Morph refined with real butterflies

real butterflies are painted

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