Fully comprehensive insurance - (not) always the best choice!

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Fully comprehensive insurance (not) always the best choice!

What does your car mean to you? Could you do without it in your everyday life? For many of us, having our own car means Freiheit. A car makes our everyday life, everyday work and family life easier. But what happens if, in an emergency, the car is no longer ready for use? And you lose your car from one minute to the next? For many people these days it is unimaginable why you should play it safe and choose one Comprehensive insurance decide. Read on to find out why comprehensive insurance not always is the best option and what the differences are.

Fully comprehensive insurance? That's insured!

Call insurance Accident Comprehensive insurance (not) always the best choice!

Motor vehicle liability insurance pays the damage to someone else's car (s) in the event of an accident. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers almost any damage to your own car. This also includes dents and scratches. However, it is important to mention that it does not matter whether you are to blame or the other person is to blame. A fully comprehensive insurance also covers Hit and runwhen the other not insured is and Vandalism away. A fully comprehensive insurance is the only insurance that even offers one No claims discount at. That means, the longer you are on the road without an accident, the lower the contribution costs. The amount of the no-claims discount varies from insurance company to insurance company. It's worth it here Compare and to find out more. One thing should be remembered: A fully comprehensive insurance always covers what a partially comprehensive insurance covers!

Partial comprehensive insurance - a waste of time?

In the beginning, fully comprehensive insurance sounds too good to be true. Self-responsible and third-party damage will be taken over, no-claims discount and much more. But this also means that fully comprehensive insurance is usually included a lot more expensive as a partially comprehensive insurance. But a partially comprehensive insurance covers more than you might think. It covers:

  • Fire or explosion
  • Collisions with feral game (roe deer, foxes, deer, wild boars, foxes, rabbits, no dogs, cows, cats)
  • Glass damage
  • Theft (cars or individual vehicle parts)
  • Storms such as hail, lightning or flooding
  • Short circuits in the wiring (marten bites)

With a partially comprehensive insurance no damage paidwhich you even have been in debt. For this, the partial comprehensive insurance pays damage for you can not do anything or no third party can do anything. The so-called no-claims discount exists with a partially comprehensive insurance should not.

Accident car tuning Widebody Mustang 1 Fully comprehensive insurance (not) always the best choice!

When is fully comprehensive insurance pointless?

If you have one New cars own, or a vehicle which not older is more than five years, then a fully comprehensive insurance is worthwhile. Is it a vehicle which older, than five years is more worth it Partial insurance. Please note, however, that the partial comprehensive insurance only covers the value of the vehicle is taken into account. So if the damage value exceeds the value of the car, it is no longer worth it if you have one Partial insurance concludes. In this case it would be a normal one Motor vehicle liability insurance perfectly sufficient.

Are you considering a change?

Are you thinking about switching from fully comprehensive insurance to partially comprehensive insurance? Then you should pay close attention to whether the premiums for fully comprehensive insurance are not cheaper than for partially comprehensive insurance. The reasons for this could be your no-claims bonuses if you have been accident-free for years. So it is better to first inform and compare. It can also be useful that excess to raise with fully comprehensive insurance and the Payment method to change annually. That can make a huge difference in terms of fees. How high the individual contributions are always depends on the respective insurance. Add to that how high the one just mentioned excess is, your City of residence and the type of vehicle.

Save money insurance euro coins Fully comprehensive insurance (not) always the best choice!

An example: Do you drive a vehicle like a BMW X5 or Mercedes GLE, which is often a victim of theft? In doing so, you may pay a higher premium because, statistically speaking, your vehicle is more likely to be stolen than another car. And the case also occurs when, unlike others, your vehicle is static more often in accidents is involved. Typical candidates for this are long-running favorites such as the VW Golf, the Opel Astra or the VW Passat. Also play too the kilometers driven an important role. Because the more you drive, the more expensive it will be in the end. And with fully comprehensive insurance - as already mentioned - the one also plays No claims amount a role.

A little tip:

In order to keep the premiums for the fully comprehensive insurance low, you should consider whether you should report every small scratch or dent to the insurance company. Remember that it is common Takes yearsuntil you are back at your old contribution rate. That is why it can be useful small damage to be paid by yourself. If you have fully comprehensive insurance, it is better to cover up to a loss about 1.300 Euro pay yourself. This also applies to liability insurance, because there is also a no-claims amount. Here you should damage of up to 1.500 euros, try to pay yourself. But note that you still have to report to your insurance company. Regardless of whether you want to bear the damage yourself or not. As you can see, there are a few things to consider in order to get the best insurance coverage. In order for you to succeed, do your research well and, in an emergency, contact the individual insurance company Let us show you what's possible.

The following table shows the extent to which the individual damage classes differ:

Freedom classliabilityFully comprehensive
SF4514 to 17%15 to 17%
SF4015 to 18%17 to 18%
SF3517 to 20%18 to 20%
SF3018 to 24%19 to 22%
SF2519 to 26%21 to 23%
SF2021 to 29%23 to 25%
SF1523 to 31%26 to 29%
SF1026 to 37%29 to 33%
SF533 to 44%33 to 38%
SF336 to 48%35 to 41%
SF240 to 52%36 to 42%
SF143 to 58%38 to 46%
SF 1/250 to 70%42 to 50%
SF072 to 105%51 to 60%
SF S65 to 90%55 %
SF M (malus class)100 to 130%65 to 110%

Source: www.verivox.de

No claims class Accident-free tuning blog Fully comprehensive insurance (not) always the best choice!

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