Invoice cuts - there is no legal basis

Call insurance accident bill cuts - there is no legal requirement


It is a nuisance that many experts as well as workshops know very well - the testing service providers and insurance companies reduce the bill without any legal basis. Why? Because they see themselves in the right and are of the opinion that the costs on the invoice are not correct for them. But that is not a reason. The Würzburg bodywork and damage days, which took place from October 22nd to 23rd, prove this very clearly.

When the bill is simply cut

Who does not know this as an entrepreneur or expert - the testing service providers or insurance companies receive an invoice for liability in the event of a claim and do not pay the full price for their insured person. They get in touch by phone or email and think they need to discuss the invoice amount.

Your dissatisfaction is based on excessively high costs that should not be covered by the insurance and an independent reduction of the claim is made. If the invoice is not transferred in full, this means for the company or the expert that the remaining shortfall must be booked out. And that leaves a lot of damage, as cutting bills without a legal basis is an almost everyday problem.

Reduced bills Workshop insurance auto repair Reduced bills - there is no legal basis

This occurs particularly in the area of ​​accident repairs Invoice reduction. Not only on the part of the inspection service provider. Insurance companies themselves like to use this instrument often and often. The invoice is adjusted independently with the red pencil. In such a way that the cost of the insurance is not too high. Whether the workshop is satisfied with it is initially irrelevant.

The right is on the part of the workshops and experts!

However, if you look at this reduction in the bill from a legal point of view, it quickly becomes apparent that this procedure has no basis whatsoever. There are now enough court rulings that classify the cutting of the bills as wrong.

Car repairs, accident workshops, invoice reductions - there is no legal basis

The workshops are also to some extent to blame for this. Because they get involved in discussions with the testing service providers or the insurance companies. The technical basis for the accident damage is always only the opinion of the expert or the expert such as, for example appraiserixwho has prepared an expert opinion. Because he is responsible for assessing the liability case. And if a work item is precisely described, it cannot simply be shortened.

Why is it cut anyway?

Save, save and save again - that is the motto of most insurance companies. And what's the best way to do that than with billing cuts?

The insured himself has nothing to do with it. It is the insurance companies and the testing service providers who settle accounts with the workshops and experts. If the reduction is made, the insured person usually does not even notice it. Because he only reported the damage and brought the vehicle to the workshop. The insurance companies, auditors, experts and the workshops take care of the rest.

In order to avoid these reductions and, if necessary, to be able to sue in court, the reports must be prepared in a legally secure manner. Most experts know very well how this works and do it on a daily basis. If cuts are made in spite of everything, in many cases legal action is the only way to limit the damage. And maybe also an option to show the insurance companies that an appraisal cannot be challenged and that the workshops want to earn good money for good work.

Accident workshop Crash insurance report e1572592378772 Invoice reductions - there is no legal basis

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