Payment process when buying a new or used car!

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The most important details at a glance: When buying a car, there are different ways of paying. The most commonly used means of payment are cash and bank transfer. Paying by check or other alternatives is not always possible. The negotiated purchase price should always come first to handed over to the signing of the contract. You have decided on a new car and are now wondering how the payment is best processed? There are a number of options – from paying in cash to escrow services. Which payment method is suitable largely depends on whether you are using the vehicle privately or when Retailers have acquired. Also between New cars and used cars there can be differences. We'll enlighten you so that your next purchase doesn't turn into a nasty surprise.

Payment upon purchase!

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As soon as you have selected a vehicle (regardless of whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, etc.), you must quickly coordinate the payment with the seller. Make sure it's a "Step-by-step" business act and pay the agreed price only I nachdem The purchase agreement from both parties was signed. Also make sure that the vehicle is in the condition described and that all details have been clarified. How the price is paid is for the expiry of the contract only times insignificant. If it is agreed in the purchase contract to make a down payment, this must be paid in most cases before picking up of the car are made.

Procedure for paying for a private car purchase!

When the buyer and seller have agreed on a price, one of the things that matters is whether it is a private dealer or a vehicle dealer acts. When selling privately, the car is usually “bought as seen”. If you had contact with the seller beforehand, for example because you had to travel a long way to view the vehicle, you should previously agree that you can take it with you immediately after the assessment and pay directly accordingly.

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If you pay for your car in cash, the seller will usually let you have it right away. If you want to buy the vehicle by bank transfer, you have to clarify exactly when the buyer will receive his new car. In this case, the seller usually insists on handing over the car only after receipt of payment. Hence one Payment in cash in most cases the more uncomplicated variant or alternatively one Sofortüberweisung (not always possible depending on the bank). But the same applies here: Keep all relevant purchase conditions in writing and secure yourself with the help of a purchase contract.

How do I process the payment for my car at the dealer?

Payment for your new or used car can depending on the dealership vary. You will usually be able to pay by bank transfer at major retailers, but checks and cash may also be accepted payment methods. As soon as you have decided on a specific car, the conditions will be agreed with you and all relevant payment details discussed. Please discuss in detail with the seller what schedule he envisages for signing the purchase contract and handing over the keys. Especially when it comes to a new car, is often in the form of a hire purchase – i.e. via financing – paid. In this case, the seller will inform you again specifically about all the details of the payment. With used cars, it is usually the case that payment in bar is preferred.

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This is what the optimal process for buying a car looks like:

  • Find as much information as you can on the internet about the vehicle you're looking to buy.
  • Make an appointment with the seller to view the vehicle and take a test drive.
  • Conduct fair price negotiations.
  • Draw up a sales contract together, signed by both parties.
  • Agree on further action and payment.
  • Pay the amount according to the agreement.
  • Zulassung and pick up now.

Be on the safe side and protect yourself from scammers!

Before asking yourself how you could pay for a car purchase, you should first check whether it is a serious business at all. While e-commerce offers many advantages and conveniences, it also offers many opportunities for fraud. One of the disadvantages of buying a car online is that there is often no direct contact with the seller, making it difficult to assess the seller. However, reputable car dealers can usually be assessed somewhat on the basis of their website. But all that glitters is not always gold and also offline one can become a victim of fraud.

Therefore, before you buy a car, you should consider the following points:

  • Could the purchase price for the vehicle be unrealistically low?
  • Is the seller acting dubious by simply wanting to be contacted by email and urging the purchase to be completed?
  • Are no secure payment options offered?
  • Does the seller ask for payment before viewing the car?

If you can answer the above questions with yes, you should rather look for another vehicle. The seller is most likely a scammer.

The conclusion: Secure payment is the be-all and end-all

Cash is still the safest means of payment for vehicle purchase. However, cash payment is the most popular option for used cars only because there are no alternatives. At car dealerships you can usually pay by bank transfer with a clear conscience. However, private individuals should not use this method. Fraud when buying a car is unfortunately a common problem. You should therefore always be extremely careful with cash transfers or payment via escrow services and clarify the payment clearly with your seller in advance. This way you avoid falling for scams and ensure a secure payment method. This applies to both the purchase of used and new vehicles.

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