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The motorcycle license - what you need to know!

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Kawasaki Z900RS Super4 Tuning 2 The motorcycle license What you need to know!

Have you dreamed of owning and driving a motorcycle for a long time? Then you need one Motorcycle license. But what does it cost and which one Motorcycle classes can you drive it? We clarify many important questions that arise in connection with the motorcycle license and tell you how long Crash course takes or whether you have your old driver's license exchange must or not. Basically, the motorcycle license is included numerous costs connected, so it should be carefully considered which one before going to the driving school Motorcycle class is even an option for you. Because hardly any bike is allowed to without a license are driven and are also depending on the motorcycle class different driving licenses necessary.

The motorcycle license!

General news and current changes to the motorcycle license: Like a conventional car driver's license, too Class A motorcycle license a Expiry Date and have to after 15 years to be renewed. Also have to before 19. January 2013 issued documents by no later than 19. January 2033 get on the new EU driving license being transformed. Depending on the year of birth or the year of issue, however, many certificates will already be issued earlier exchanged.

The motorcycle license What you need to know!

All deadlines to be observed have been adjusted to the usual deadlines for car driving licenses. All Exchange information for the car driving license we have in our article "The new driver's license is coming: These deadlines apply to exchanges!" compiled. The cost of the new documents will be added to the motorcycle around 25 Euro amount. The cost of the current biometric photo is included in this price, however cannot included.

The previous driver's license, biometric photo and an identity card needed. In addition, for driving licenses, which before 1999 were issued, a Index copy the driver's license office required. Another one Driving or health test but it will be every 15 years cannot give. There is another innovation since November 1, 2020 when testing for the A2 certificate, which can now also be carried out on a motorcycle 250 cubic centimeters be filed. Before that there was a minimum value of 395 cc required. This corresponded to one Driving school motorcycle with a performance between 27 and 48 hp. Since many motorcyclists do not push this limit at all, or even have respect for it, the motorcycle license should be changed more attractive be made. For this reason, however, the driving schools are now forced new motorcycles to acquire.

How do you find the right driving school?

To find the right driving school you should personal preferences consider. Ask friends or acquaintances for helpful tips or contacts. Research on the Internet or in the yellow pages can also be useful. What is needed is one personal impression on site, a look at the motorcycles of the driving school and a personal meeting with the driving instructor.

The cost of a motorcycle license

The motorcycle license is made up of different costs. To the Registration costs at the driving school and the cost of the theoretical exam also come the cost of Exercise materials, one vision test and one First aid course added. Subsequently are also Practice drives, Special trips and the practical Examination to pay. Finally, the cost of Passport photos and the exhibition of the Driver's license be worn. The total cost can only be roughly estimated due to the different prices for special or practice drives, which vary depending on the federal state, driving school or learning progress. But you should come up with a sum between 1.200 and 1.700 Euros calculate without an existing two-wheel license.

motorcycle driving school Examination of the motorcycle license What you need to know!

Since January 2021, the "optimized practical driving test“ (OPFEP) help that Accident risk from beginners to to reduce. This is made possible on the one hand by simpler ones and more understandable Tasks, as well as through a digital assessment by the examiner via a Points- or Traffic light system. In addition, the student must have a Feedback talk after the exam discarding one's strengths and weaknesses. However, these new examination regulations also cause higher cost. So the costs in the Classes A and A2 from so far 118,3 Euros on 146,56 Euros. In the classes AM and A1 become instead of before 89,44 Euros nun 116,93 Euros due.

Motorbike driving license using a fast or crash course?

Theoretically it is possible in only the motorcycle license 5 days to do, but this requires a lot of strength and energy. In addition, is a Crash course also not cheaper than a normal course. Despite only driving 14 hours, a crash course test will be good 1500 Euros due.

The normal duration of training

The practical exam usually claimed between 20-30 driving hours. At the beginning there are Practice lessonswhich familiarize the student with the functions and characteristics of the motorcycle. Accelerating, braking, evasive action and various driving situations such as driving in Walking pace or the Slalom driving are part of these tutorials. Follow the practice lessons 12 compulsory hours and the Special trips such as motorway, cross-country or night trips. On special Test drives the student can work on his weak points before the practical test. Only then does the follow practical exam. Driving schools are usually flexible when it comes to planning the lessons, responding to the student's wishes and learning progress, and sometimes taking a break several motorway journeys together. This results in a very variable duration, which strongly depends on the skill of the student and between 6 weeks or 6 Monaten can be.

Fahrschule Motorrad The motorcycle license What you need to know!

The driving license classes

With a driver's license Class A large machines (two-wheelers and trailers) without upper cylinder capacity and Speed ​​limit be driven.

The Class A2 applies up to 35 kW and a ratio of maximum 0,2 between power and weight.

The Class A1 applies only to Light motorcycles with maximum 11 kW and 125 cc Displacement.

The AM class is the so-called 50 class and included Roller, Mopeds and mokicks that are over maximum 50 cc displacement have and highest 45 km/h drive. Even small ones electric scooter or Cycles with electric auxiliary motor up to 4 kW and a top speed of 45 km/h fall into this category.

Which people are allowed to drive which motorcycle?

All motorcycles from the AM class and the A1 class, as 125ccMachines are allowed from the age of 16 be driven. For A1 driving licenses the after January 19, 2013 is for drivers under 16 years however one Limitation to 80 km / h intended. Also the prescribed maximum power of 11 kW commented at 125 cc displacement and I baked the power to weight ratio from 0,1 kW / kg are strictly controlled.

125cc Yamaha Motorrad The motorcycle license What you need to know!

From the age of 18 years can he A2 driving license can be acquired. After further 2 years is an ascent into that Class A allowed if one further practical test is passed. If you want to get to the big machines right away, you have to at least 24 years be old.

Is the car driving license useful when acquiring a motorcycle license?

One already existing driver's license definitely brings Advantages. If you have a car driver's license, you are automatically allowed all mopeds with maximum 50 cm³ cubic capacity drive. Have your car driver's license between the April 1, 1980 and the 18. January 2013 done, you may also three-wheeled vehicles (Trikes) up 15 kW steer in traffic. Motorists with one Class 3 driver's license of the company and before issued on April 1, 1980, motorcycles of the Class A1 drive and have to for the Class A2 just an additional driving test consist. since 1. January 2020 Car drivers can also use the B196 driver's license acquire and are allowed to do so 125cc motorcycles drive. The prerequisites for this, however, are that you at least 25 years are old, the driver's license has been around since 5 years own and at least 4 theory lessons and 5 practical driving lessons have completed. In general, however, experience behind the wheel of a car helps to reduce the number of driving hours required.

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