Big part: the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 (2021) is here!

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GSX S1000 M2 AccessoryAction 6 Heavy part: the new Suzuki GSX S1000 (2021) is here!

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Bensheim, April 26th, 2021 - the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 is even more radical thanks to extensive technical and visual revisions. With optimized engine performance, advanced assistance systems and a minimalist, radical design, the naked sports bike focuses on absolute performance with the best rideability.

Radical design

The aggressive appearance of the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 exudes power and performance potential as well as underlining the agility of a sports motorcycle. The front is characterized by a minimalist, sharply contoured cladding that encloses a futuristic headlight unit made up of two vertically grouped hexagonal LED headlights. The slim front contrasts with the muscular fuel tank. The precisely defined design language continues over the newly designed bench seat to the super-slim rear end, which is closed off by a narrow LED rear light.

High-performance four-cylinder

Thanks to an extensive revision, the performance of the naked sports bike is now even more radical. The extremely potent 999 ccm³ in-line four-cylinder, whose basic layout is based on the unit of the legendary GSX-R1000, has been further optimized. The power output in the lower to medium engine speed range, which is most frequently used in daily driving, is now even more powerful. A flatter, more balanced torque curve with a higher cumulative torque output stands for consistently full power across the entire engine speed range and ensures increased agility at medium and high engine speeds.

Of course, the emission values ​​correspond to the current Euro 5 standard. Flatter exhaust and intake cam profiles, which reduce valve lift and valve lift overlap, contribute to the more powerful power output. In addition, there is a changed layout of the airbox and the completely redesigned exhaust system, which combines a contemporary, clean look with an inspiring sound. Thanks to the tank volume, which has increased to 19 liters, the new GSX-S1000 has an increased range.

The attraction of real aggressiveness

Equipped with victorious, race track proven DNA and matured on the road, the new GSX-S1000 has been transformed into an even tighter and sharper package that is made to conquer the streets:

Ride by Wire: The new throttle bodies have an adapted diameter and are equipped with a 32-bit ECM. This allows an extra precise control of the throttle valves, which react sensitively to every command from the ride-by-wire system (e-gas), no matter how small.

GSX S1000 M2 Sensor RidebyWire b Heavy part: the new Suzuki GSX S1000 (2021) is here!

Three driving modes: With its three driving modes, the Suzuki Drive-Mode-Selector (SDMS) offers the perfect performance characteristics for every application - whether on the racetrack, on tour or in everyday life. The maximum engine output is available in all three modes, but the response behavior and torque characteristics when accelerating are varied according to the respective mode.

Five-stage traction control: The Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) now has five modes and supports the driver perfectly in the most varied of road conditions. The system can be completely deactivated for sports use.

Bi-directional quick shift system: The standard bi-directional quick-shift system enables clutchless upshifts with almost no interruption of tractive power for rapid and smooth acceleration, while the blipper function when downshifting with the engine brake complements an extremely pleasant shifting experience. The bi-directional quick shift system works seamlessly with the SDMS.

GSX S1000 M2 sensor QuickShift. b Heavy part: the new Suzuki GSX S1000 (2021) is here!

Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS): The slipper clutch ensures a smoother deceleration by specifically reducing the effect of the engine brake when downshifting. The new assistance function increases the clutch pressure when accelerating. This allows the use of softer springs, which noticeably reduces the operating force.

Suzuki Easy Start System: The Suzuki Easy-Start system enables the engine to be started with a single short press of the starter button without having to hold it down.
Chassis: The chassis of the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 is uncompromisingly designed for drivability and optimal controllability. The backbone of the super-light and compact package is a twin-saving aluminum frame, the layout of which combines good road holding with agile handling. The driver gains additional confidence with a sporty driving style thanks to the extremely torsion-resistant aluminum swing arm.

Full LED equipment: From the distinctive, vertically arranged double headlights to the slim taillights to the micro indicators, the entire lighting and signaling system of the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 is equipped with advanced LED technology for first-class visibility and visibility.

High-end cockpit: In the cockpit, the pilot has an LCD screen with a clear and intuitive layout. The extensive range of information on the individually configurable dashboard is structured logically.

Numerous customization options: Suzuki offers a wide range of original accessories with which the new Suzuki GSX-S1000 can be adapted to your personal driving style and different areas of application.

High-performance chassis

The high-performance chassis is equipped with high-quality components. The 43-millimeter fork from KYB in an upside-down design offers 120 millimeters of travel. The set-up of the suspension fork, which can be adjusted in terms of spring preload and rebound and compression damping, is designed for a sporty riding style, but does not lack the necessary comfort.
The lever-linked central spring strut with adjustable rebound damping and spring preload reacts reliably to different road surfaces and ensures an agile and stable driving experience. It offers 130 millimeters of travel on the rear wheel. The light six-spoke wheels made of light alloy are fitted with two radial tires with the Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport specially developed for the new Suzuki GSX-S1000. The new profile is characterized by optimized wet grip, reduced wear and tear and reaching operating temperature more quickly.

GSX S1000 M2 Rear Tire Wheel Heavy part: the new Suzuki GSX S1000 (2021) is here!


The new butted handlebars with wider grip and revised cranking reduce the effort required to steer and thus contribute to improved controllability and less fatigue. In addition, the new handlebars in conjunction with the new seat designed for a sporty driving style, a slim body work and a narrow knee joint enable a comfortable, upright sitting position.

Color variants - price - availability

The new Suzuki GSX-S1000 is available in three color variants: In the main color 'Metallic Triton Blue', which stands for the Suzuki brand identity, in 'Glass Mat Mechanical Gray', a newly developed theme color, and in 'Glass Sparkle Black'. The naked sports bike will be available from authorized dealers in Germany from the end of June. The RRP of Suzuki Deutschland GmbH is 12.900 euros, plus transfer costs.

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