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Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

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2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 22 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

Photo credit: Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.

TRIUMPH presents the new Scrambler 1200 XC and XE as well as the exclusive Steve McQueen special series of the Scrambler 1200 completely further developed, with the well-known high, state-of-the-art equipment level, an unmistakably unique design and an inspiring sound: This is how the 2021 models Scrambler 1200 XC and XE present themselves. The Steve McQueen Edition, an exclusive special series limited to 1.000 motorcycles worldwide, awaits all fans of the iconic bike. It combines state-of-the-art technology with the classic look of the scrambler bikes of the 1950s and 60s and also offers a high-torque motor and a chassis that can easily take part in robust off-road adventures. With this probably unique combination of advantages, the Scrambler 1200 model series has already impressed numerous motorcycle fans around the world since its launch in 2018. For the 5 model year manufactured in accordance with the Euro 2021 specification, the TRIUMPH development team has now further improved the Scrambler 1200 in many areas. The model variants XC and XE are also supplemented by the exclusive Steve McQueen special series, which, in addition to an exclusive look, can also come up with an extensive package of special equipment.

Scrambler 1200 XC / Scrambler 1200 XE

The 2021 Scrambler 1200 XC and XE as well as the STEVE MCQUEEN EDITION at a glance:

Enthusiastic performance

  • New Euro 5 engine set-up with lower emissions
  • New Euro 5 exhaust system - including improved heat distribution
  • Powerful 1200 cc Bonneville twin engine with special scrambler tuning: 110 Nm at a low 4.500 rpm and 90 hp at 7.250 rpm

Double use: Classic and Adventure Crossover

  • Confident seating position with wide, adjustable handlebars
  • Excellent comfort for the driver
  • 21-inch front wheel for the best off-road properties

Groundbreaking equipment and the latest technology

  • fully adjustable Öhlins struts and Showa fork with long suspension travel
  • Double disc brake system with Brembo M50 radial monobloc brake calipers
  • Strongly dimensioned, high-quality aluminum swing arm
  • Colored TFT instruments and illuminated switches and fittings
  • Up to 6 driving modes including Off-Road Pro (XE)
  • Optimized cornering ABS and optimized cornering traction control (XE)
  • Full LED lighting with daytime running lights
  • Keyless ignition, cruise control with one-button operation and USB charging socket

A scrambler of the 21st century - with timeless style and high quality details

  • Iconic silhouette with classically shaped bench and the characteristic, raised double exhaust
  • Wonderful, laterally spoked wheels with modern, tubeless tires
  • Seamlessly shaped tank with a Monza-style lid made of brushed aluminum
  • Over 70 accessories available, including a new Dakar-inspired fly screen

Exclusive and limited: the Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition

  • Individually numbered, limited special series, of which only 1.000 are available worldwide
  • Unique Steve McQueen branding on the tank and handlebar clamp
  • Exclusive special paint in Competition Green
  • Particularly high-quality standard equipment with first-class scrambler accessories
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO of TRIUMPH, Nick Bloor and Chad McQueen

The TRIUMPH Scrambler 2018, presented for the first time in 1200, has quickly developed into a modern TRIUMPH icon and sets new standards in its category thanks to its pioneering driving characteristics both on and off the road, its state-of-the-art technology, its first-class equipment and extensive customization options. The new generation continues the decade-long tradition of the brand's scrambler motorcycles. This includes, among other things, the world's first series scramblers, which were driven by legendary racing drivers such as Bud Ekins and Steve McQueen for fun and at racing events. The brand's new generation of scramblers has also repeatedly demonstrated its excellent off-road properties in numerous extreme off-road competitions - such as the Mexican 1000 and the Spanish Bassella races.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 20 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

A real highlight for the new generation of scramblers was their work in the 25th James Bond film “No Time To Die”, in which it was also highly praised by Lee Morrison, the James Bond stunt coordinator: “ The entire stunt team realized very quickly that these are amazing bikes ”.

Extensive improvements based on the well-known high performance of the Scrambler 1200

The 2021 Scrambler 1200 XE and XC represent the latest generation of a motorcycle that is unique in many respects in its class and that also comes with a particularly extensive range of standard equipment. The Scrambler 1200 XE and XC combine the best of two motorcycle worlds: the iconic style and unmistakable character of a modern classic motorcycle from TRIUMPH with the capabilities and equipment of a full-fledged adventure motorcycle.
The new Scrambler 1200 XC and XE have been updated for the year 2021 along with the entire Modern Classic range from TRIUMPH and have an enhanced Euro 5 engine that maintains the power and torque of the Scramblers and delivers even lower emissions. In addition, the update of the new generation brings a revised exhaust system, which ensures an improved heat distribution.

Technical specifications and features

Enthusiastic performance

The Scrambler 1200 is powered by the latest evolution of the distinctive 1200 cc twin from TRIUMPH. The new engine update for 2021 ensures lower emissions and exceeds the Euro 5 requirements. The engine scores with a crankshaft with low moment of inertia, a cylinder head with high compression and a special scrambler set-up. This ensures a perfect balance between power and torque and is ideally suited for use on the road as well as off-road, not least due to the rich torque from the very bottom to the upper speed range.

The maximum torque of 110 Nm is already available at 4.500 rpm, while the peak output of 90 hp is achieved at 7.250 rpm. The unmistakable scrambler sound of the 1.200 cm³ 8-valve parallel twin engine is provided by the elevated double exhaust system, which has also been revised to meet the Euro 5 standard - with the additional advantage of improved heat distribution.

Groundbreaking specifications and features

The 2021 Scrambler 1200 also offers the well-known, groundbreaking technical properties and equipment features that give these bikes unique crossover capabilities as classic and adventure bikes.

The chassis, which is equipped with long suspension travel, has excellent off-road mobility and ground clearance - with the XE with 250 mm suspension travel at the front and rear (XC: 200 mm). It is designed for driving in the toughest terrain and offers an extremely comfortable driving experience on the road. Both the Öhlins rear shock absorbers and the high-quality upside-down Showa front fork are adjustable in preload as well as compression and rebound and offer excellent comfort and the best control on a wide variety of surfaces: from city streets to demanding off-road slopes.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 13 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

The first-class braking performance is guaranteed by particularly high-quality Brembo M50 radial monobloc brake calipers with two 320 mm floating brake discs on the front axle and a Brembo single-disc brake on the rear axle. ABS is standard on both models.

To underline the versatility of the Scrambler 1200, high-quality spoked wheels with aluminum rims and side spoke mounts are part of the standard equipment, which enable the use of tubeless tires. Enduro tires of the Metzeler Tourance type are fitted as standard; for extreme off-road use, the Pirelli Scorpion Rally is recommended as a tried-and-tested alternative. The 21-inch front wheel contributes to the Scrambler 1200's outstanding off-road capabilities and the confident driving position. In combination with the wide, adjustable handlebars and the variable, foldable foot levers of the XE model, this gives the Scrambler 1200 a confident appearance.

Leading technology in its class

Packed with the latest technology and driver aids, the new Scrambler 1200 XC and XE set standards: Both models have full-color TFT instruments that offer two different design themes, each with three options for the display layout. These enable the driver to change the amount of information displayed according to his preferences. The TFT start sequence can also be personalized with the driver's name. The multifunctional TFT display is controlled via the intuitive and easily accessible 5-way joystick on the left end of the handlebar and via other switches, all of which are backlit to facilitate navigation in the dark. High and low-contrast display variants ensure that the TFTs are easy to read in all lighting conditions, while the screen angle can be adjusted to the height of each driver thanks to a practical adjustment option.

The new Scrambler 1200 is also prepared for the “My TRIUMPH” connectivity system, which is available as an accessory. The driver can use intuitive controls on the handlebars and displays on the TFT instrument to make phone calls, operate music, use arrow navigation and manage a GoPro camera.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 15 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

The latest-generation ride-by-wire system from TRIUMPH ensures a responsive and precise throttle response at all times and enables the following six riding modes: Road, Rain, Sport, Off-Road, Off-Road Pro (only available on the XE) and rider -configurable. The modes that can be selected while driving (Off-Road and Off-Road Pro only when stationary) adjust the throttle response, traction control and ABS settings for more safety and optimal performance under all driving conditions.

The Scrambler 1200 XE also has curve-optimized ABS and curve-optimized traction control, both of which automatically adjust the degree of intervention in order to guarantee the best possible braking and acceleration behavior at every lean angle. These functions are controlled by the inertia measuring unit, which measures the roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration values ​​of the motorcycle to calculate the lean angle and optimize braking and traction control accordingly, ensuring greater driving stability.

The Scrambler 1200 is equipped with LED headlights front and rear as well as LED turn signals. These reduce energy consumption, increase durability and improve visibility. The headlight is equipped with LED daytime running lights, which ensure better visibility and a distinctive design of the front section.

Other high-quality, driver-oriented technologies that are standard on both 2021 Scrambler 1200 models include a torque-assisted clutch, cruise control, keyless ignition, a USB charging socket under the seat and the internal cabling for the heated grips available as accessories, which have three Steps and are controlled via an intuitive button in the left handle.

Modern custom style with superb finish and detail

The Scrambler 1200 bikes combine the original Scrambler DNA of TRIUMPH with beautifully crafted, modern custom style and have all the characteristics of a real scrambler. From the iconic silhouette with the high-lying double exhaust to the upright sitting position: the new 2021 Scrambler 1200 XC and XE have real scrambler style.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

As with every motorcycle with Bonneville genes, the engine presents itself with the unmistakable milled engine cooling fins and has the black engine cover with the classic, triangular TRIUMPH logo as a trademark. These models also have a very high standard in terms of workmanship and lovingly designed details, with authentic features such as the seamlessly formed 16-liter fuel tank with Monza fuel tank cap made of brushed aluminum and brushed stainless steel band. The custom-look seat with quilted ribs and TRIUMPH branding completes the striking silhouette and ensures an optimal seating position and comfort for every type of ride.

To complete the unmistakable Scrambler style, the Scrambler 1200 has minimal aluminum fenders, side covers with Scrambler 1200 lettering made of brushed aluminum, an aluminum engine guard and a wide handlebar. The Scrambler 1200 XE also comes with hand protectors, Brembo MCS levers, a gold fork and an extended aluminum swing arm, which also has a high-quality shot-peened and anodized finish.

The new 2021 Scrambler 1200 XC and XE are available in three colors: Cobalt Blue with a stripe in Jet Black, Matt Khaki Green with a stripe in Jet Black or in Sapphire Black.

More than 70 original TRIUMPH accessories

There are over 1200 original accessories from TRIUMPH for the Scrambler 70 XC and XE. These have all been developed and tested together with the motorcycle to the same exacting standards and allow the rider to personalize their motorcycle with more style and functionality, more comfort, luggage, protection and safety.

The extensive list of accessories ranges from a new fly screen, inspired by the Dakar Rally, to robust and practical luggage bags and a tank bag, all of which increase suitability for touring. There is also a raised front fender, a handlebar strut and a headlight grille as well as practical options such as a center stand, fog lights and heated handles. The extensive range of accessories is rounded off by a large selection of locks and an alarm system.

New Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition

The new Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition pays homage to the famous film star and probably the most famous film stunt in history. It combines the technical basis of the new 2021 Scrambler 1200 XE with an exclusive, high-quality Steve McQueen paintwork and an extensive list of beautiful, unique details. The Steve McQueen special series comes with a selection of premium Scrambler accessories, making it the best-equipped Scrambler 1200 of all time.

Inspired by a real motorcycle legend

The Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition was developed in collaboration with the McQueen family and is inspired by the original TRIUMPH TR6, made famous by the legendary jump over the barbed wire in the 1963 film classic "The Great Escape". The TRIUMPH TR6 that McQueen selected for the film was fitted with an ISDT chassis set-up designed for demanding stunt work by British TRIUMPH dealer and ISDT gold medalist Ken Heanes.

2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 2021 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE 4 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and Scrambler 1200 XE Steve McQueen Edition

Unique limited edition

Only 1200 copies of the Scrambler 1.000 Steve McQueen Edition are available worldwide. Each motorcycle is individually numbered on the elaborately milled handlebar clamp, which also bears a laser-engraved Steve McQueen signature. For even more exclusivity, each motorcycle is delivered with a unique certificate of authenticity that bears the motorcycle's chassis number and the signatures of TRIUMPH's CEO Nick Bloor and Chad McQueen, son of legend Steve McQueen.

Exclusive details and paintwork

The unique paintwork includes a competition green tank with knee pads made of brushed foil, exclusive hand-painted gold trim, gold Heritage TRIUMPH logos, a special Steve McQueen tank graphic, a Monza lid made of brushed aluminum and a tank strap made of brushed stainless steel. The Steve McQueen Edition is also equipped as standard with the raised front fender made of aluminum, which, like the rear fender, is painted in Competition Green.

In addition to the standard equipment of the 1200 XE, the Steve McQueen Edition is equipped with an engine guard made of stainless steel tubing, which provides additional protection. A laser-cut and pressed aluminum radiator guard with lasered TRIUMPH branding is also part of the standard equipment and offers additional protection against loose stones and at the same time optimizes the airflow.

The Steve McQueen Edition also has a high-quality brown bench seat with quilted ribs and TRIUMPH lettering, which further underlines the classic style and elegance of the vehicle.

Aside from his film fame, Steve McQueen was also known for his desert races with TRIUMPH Scrambler models, which makes the Scrambler 1200 XE the perfect base for the exclusive edition thanks to its on-road and off-road performance. The new McQueen Edition has all the specifications and performance features of the Scrambler 1200 XE, including the updates for the engine and the 2021 exhaust system, which means that the limited edition also complies with the Euro 5 standard. As a true crossover bike, it has all the capabilities of a full-fledged adventure bike with the iconic style inherited from its legendary Scrambler line of ancestors.

The new Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition is also prepared for the “My Triumph” connectivity system available as an accessory. The driver can use the intuitive handlebar controls and the TFT surface to make phone calls, operate music, use turn-by-turn navigation and control a GoPro camera.

The new Scrambler 1200 XC and XE as well as the Steve McQueen Edition will be available from dealers of the traditional British brand from June 2021.

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