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2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

For the 2023 season, TRIUMPH presents the brand new Street Triple 765 model series - with a significant increase in performance, noticeably improved equipment and numerous upgrades in driver-oriented technology. Street Triple fans can now choose from three models: the 120 hp all-round sports bike Street Triple R, the RS variant with 130 hp and particularly high-quality components, and the exclusive, limited Street Triple 765 Moto2™ Edition as the top model in the series. The new engines in all versions are based on the experience that TRIUMPH has gained over the past few years as the exclusive engine supplier to the Moto2™ World Championship.

TRIUMPH Street Triple 765

Since its debut in 2007, the TRIUMPH Street Triple has won numerous motorcyclists as fans. That's not surprising, because the "Streetys" of all series impress with their feather-light and extremely precise handling and a three-cylinder engine that is as powerful as it is powerful. The Street Triple is therefore a perfect power package for sporty driving on country roads and trips to the race track.

Now the legendary mid-range sports bike is getting a whole lot better, because for the 2023 season, TRIUMPH is presenting a completely new Street Triple model series consisting of three different motorcycles. All offer more power, better handling and an even sportier design. Each has extensive equipment in the top range of the segment and also has its own individual character. It's a point of honor that the new Street Triples - like all TRIUMPH motorcycles - are manufactured to a very high standard and are subject to the highest quality standards. Since 2019, TRIUMPH has been supplying 765 cc three-cylinder engines specially prepared for this purpose as unit engines for the Moto2™ World Championship, which is held as part of the MotoGP.

Engine upgrades from the Moto2™ racing engine range

2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

The new Street Triple generation is based on the extensive experience that TRIUMPH has gained during the World Championship, because the new 765 triple has extensive engine upgrades that were derived directly from the Moto2™ racing engine range. They lead to a significant increase in performance in the new Street Triple R and to a performance level that is even higher and unmatched in this class in the new RS and the Moto2™ Edition. In all three new 765 models, the engine updates result in higher torque and improved response. In addition, the new "Streetys" have aggressive new styling, improved ergonomics and further improved equipment. Just as important for many fans of the model series: The latest generation of the legendary and award-winning Street Triple also has the most agile and precise handling of all Street Triple generations to date.

The most powerful Street Triple ever

  • Significantly improved 765cc Triple engine: delivering 120hp for the Street Triple R and an impressive 130hp for the RS & Moto2™ Edition, plus an increased peak torque of 80Nm on all models
  • improved response and better acceleration with revised transmission and secondary drive
  • new exhaust system with freer flow including the characteristic TRIUMPH triple soundtrack (with 95 dB stationary noise for all three variants)
  • all three models are equipped with the track-ready TRIUMPH Shift Assist Quickshifter

2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

The most technologically advanced Street Triple range ever

  • new, optimized cornering ABS and switchable cornering traction control
  • Improved driving modes with new, more dynamic throttle maps
  • 5" TFT instruments on the RS & Moto2™ Edition and multifunction instruments with TFT display on the R
  • Full LED lighting with distinctively shaped daytime running lights on the RS & Moto2™ Edition

2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

The most agile and precise Street Triple series ever

  • improved ergonomics with wider handlebars on the Street Triple R and RS, revised geometry for even better agility on the new RS & Moto2™ Edition
  • particularly high-quality Brembo Stylema® brakes in the RS & Moto2™ Edition
  • very high-quality, fully adjustable chassis
  • "Gullwing" swingarm for improved stability and precise handling at high speeds
  • Track-worthy features of the Moto2™ Edition - including new, performance-tuned, fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and new clip-on handlebars

2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

The most aggressive and focused Street Triple lineup ever

  • new, even sharper cut, more aggressive bodywork
  • new racing-derived 765 paint designs
  • official Moto2™ branding and extra-lightweight carbon parts on the Moto2™ Edition

The new 2023 Street Triple models are available from TRIUMPH dealers in Germany and Austria at the following prices.

Street Triple model
and availability
Prices Germany* Prices Austria**
Street Triple R
(available from April 2023)

10.195 €

11.695 €

Street Triple RS
(available from March 2023)

12.295 €

14.695 €

Street Triple Moto2™ Edition
(available from June 2023)

14.995 €

17.695 €

* Prices for Germany: plus additional delivery costs, incl. 4-year manufacturer's guarantee and 2-year mobility guarantee
** Prices for Austria: incl. additional costs and NOVA, incl. 4-year manufacturer's guarantee and 2-year mobility guarantee

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2023 TRIUMPH Street Triple 765 Series

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