The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

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Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 53 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

With the new Tiger 1200, TRIUMPH is presenting a motorcycle that will have an important say in the battle for the crown among the high-performance adventure bikes. The completely newly developed model family consists of five different enduros, which are not only significantly lighter and more powerful than their predecessor model, but also score points with an elaborate chassis and a pioneering package of state-of-the-art technology. The Tiger 1200 combines a completely new level of performance on the road with dynamic off-road capabilities. The new Tiger 1200 bikes thus offer the best of both worlds - for the first time also with an extra-long range thanks to the 30-liter tanks of the “Explorer” variants.

the Triumph Tiger 1200

The new Tiger 1200 is the result of what is probably the most ambitious development project in the history of TRIUMPH. The result shows that the effort was worth it: The motorcycles of the new Tiger 1200 product family not only offer low weight and excellent performance thanks to the new 1200 T-plane three-cylinder engine, but also score with excellent handling both on and off the road. In addition, the new TRIUMPH motorcycles with their excellent components and pioneering technology will fully satisfy even the most demanding fans of high-performance adventure bikes.

The new Tiger series scores with a powerful, new 1200 three-cylinder engine which, with its T-plane crankshaft, combines full torque with powerful top performance. In combination with a very light chassis, the new Tiger 1200 impresses with an agility that was previously not available in large travel enduros. The good thing about it: The new Tiger 1200 series also offers the strengths of the previous generation - such as the practical and comfortable cardan drive, excellent long-distance comfort and the perfect touring properties of the smooth-running three-cylinder engine platform.

The features of the new Tiger 1200 model family at a glance:

Completely newly developed Tiger 1200 family

  • Tiger 1200 GT family; Tailor-made for the main use on the road - with cast aluminum wheels in 19 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear
    • Tiger 1200 GT (20 liter tank)
    • Tiger 1200 GT Pro (20 liter tank)
    • Tiger 1200 GT Explorer (30 liter tank)
  • Tiger 1200 Rally family; tailor-made for the perfect adventure - both on and off road - with spoked wheels in 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear (each tubeless)
    • Tiger 1200 Rally Pro (20 liter tank)
    • Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer (30 liter tank)

A minus in weight meets a plus in performance and equipment

  • considerably lighter than before
    • more than 25 kg lighter than the previous generation
    • Up to 17 kg lighter than comparable competitor models with cardan drive (based on comparable equipment of the motorcycle)
  • specially adapted wheel dimensions for improved driving characteristics depending on the intended use
    • 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear with tubeless spoke rims for the best off-road properties (Rally Pro & Rally Explorer)
    • 19-inch front and 18-inch rear made of cast aluminum for dynamic driving on the road (GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer)
  • two different tank sizes of your choice
    • 20 liters (GT, GT Pro & Rally Pro)
    • 30 liters (GT Explorer and Rally Explorer)

  • completely new, lightweight chassis and the best equipment in the vehicle class
    • New lightweight construction frame with unscrewable aluminum rear frame and passenger footrests
    • New, lighter and stronger "Tri-Link" cardan swing arm
    • New, particularly high-quality Brembo Stylema® monoblock brakes and optimized cornering ABS with IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
    • Highly developed semi-active chassis from Showa, tuned for maximum road and off-road suitability
  • slimmer waist and a more compact overall design
  • new driver ergonomics for a comfortable and safe driving experience
  • adjustable seat height, which can be lowered further with a lower seat available as an accessory

Performance advantage thanks to the completely new "T-Plane" three-cylinder engine

  • Newly developed 1160 cc three-cylinder that sets standards in terms of engine characteristics
  • With 150 hp at 9.000 rpm and 130 Nm at 7.000 rpm, it delivers more power (9 hp) and torque than the previous generation and 14 hp more than comparable competitive models with cardan drive
  • Unique T-plane crankshaft with unequal firing order
    • Improved control and a very good feel for the throttle grip in the lower speed range
    • More direct response and an optimal feeling for the use of power at medium and high speeds
    • improved off-road traction
  • Characterful and unmistakable sound
  • new, light and low-maintenance final drive via cardan shaft with torque support

Completely new comprehensive technology package

  • brand new TRIUMPH Blind Spot Radar System, developed in cooperation with Continental (GT Explorer and Rally Explorer only)
  • completely new semi-active Showa chassis for dynamic vehicle control
  • completely new 7-inch TFT instruments with integrated My TRIUMPH Connectivity System
  • Optimized traction control when cornering with IMU
  • up to six driving modes
  • all new keyless system including ignition, steering lock and fuel cap
  • completely new LED lighting with daytime running lights and adaptive cornering lights (not available for GT)
  • TRIUMPH Shift Assist Quickshifter (standard on all models except GT)
  • heated handles and seats (heated seats as standard on GT Explorer and Rally Explorer)
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (standard on GT Explorer and Rally Explorer)
  • "Hill Hold" hill start assist (not available on GT)

New, unmistakable design with a powerful, independent appearance

  • Reduced-dominant styling with the look of a real adventure bike, with new bodywork, new double cooler design and compact new silencer
  • new driver ergonomics with tailor-made positions for handlebars and footrests
  • high quality details and workmanship
  • new color schemes and graphics - different for the GT and rally models

Special Tiger 1200 accessories program

  • 50+ TRIUMPH original accessories for performance, comfort, style, technology and protection
  • Complete luggage systems - all hard-shell suitcases were developed in collaboration with the specialists at Givi
    • New Trekker luggage cases, can be opened from the side or upwards
    • New 52 liter Trekker double helmet top case with padded passenger backrest
    • New expedition case made of light metal, opening at the top
    • New 42-liter expedition top case with a two-part passenger backrest
  • comprehensive protection offer
    • Precision-made stainless steel protective bars
  • heated seats
    • available for driver and passenger (in standard height and for low seats)
  • new TRIUMPH Sena Bluetooth communication system
    • New partnership with the leading motorcycle communication brand Sena; TRIUMPH Sena headset with new Harman Kardon sound

Price, service and availability

long maintenance intervals of 16.000 kilometers or 12 months - whichever comes first

  • four-year manufacturer's guarantee with unlimited mileage
  • two year mobility guarantee
  • Competitive prices, starting at 17.750 euros (in Germany plus additional costs) or 20.450 euros (in Austria including additional costs and NOVA),
  • available from TRIUMPH dealers from April 2022

The prices of the Tiger 1200 model family at a glance:

TRIUMPH presents the Tiger 1200 model year 2022 The best of two worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

The new Tiger 1200 family

The names of the new Tiger 1200 models represent the tailor-made capabilities of the five different motorcycles within the new family. Without question, every enduro fan will find the right Tiger 1200 model for their needs in this offer. "GT" like Grand Turismo: The new road-oriented GT and the better equipped GT Pro are equipped with 19-inch cast wheels at the front and 18-inch cast wheels at the rear, as well as a new, semi-active Showa chassis that ensures the best possible driving behavior on the road is matched. Off the beaten track with the “Rally” models: With the new Rally Pro, the big Tiger comes with a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel with rims for tubeless tires and a new, semi-active Showa suspension for the first time even more suspension travel. Their setup offers the ultimate all-terrain handling - both off-road and on the road.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 43 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

With the new Rally Explorer and the GT Explorer - the only adventure bike with cast wheels and a 30-liter tank in this class - TRIUMPH is introducing two new Tigers with a 30-liter tank for the first time, thus completing the new model series with five bikes. Both have the new TRIUMPH Blind Spot Radar System and are built to travel the world with the best possible comfort - for this purpose they come with the currently highest level of equipment and performance.

Completely new T-plane three-cylinder engine

The new T-plane crankshaft offers all the advantages that have made the TRIUMPH Tiger 900 so successful in the middle class. It combines the best of both worlds: the powerful acceleration of a two-cylinder engine in the lower area - which makes it a great off-road machine - with the performance advantages of a three-cylinder engine in the upper area. This makes the Tigers even better and more confident on the road - where the drivers will spend most of their time. From a technical point of view, the Tiger 1200 engine with the T-Plane crankshaft ignites at intervals of 180, 270 and again 270 degrees crankshaft angle, which leads to one short and two long intervals between the individual ignitions of the three-cylinder. This ensures an unmistakable character and a noticeable plus in traction at low speeds.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 7 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

The new 1160 cc engine delivers a peak performance of 150 hp at 9.000 rpm - 9 hp more than the previous generation - a huge leap in performance, making it the most powerful motorcycle with cardan drive in this class. With a peak torque of 130 Nm at 7.000 rpm, the torque is also noticeably higher than in the previous generation (8 Nm more than before). In addition to the increase in power and torque, the new engine, the new set-up and the T-plane three-cylinder crankshaft ensure improved acceleration and a significantly more reactive and exciting character. The uneven ignition interval creates an excellent feel and excellent traction in the lower engine speed range, combined with the impressively strong power and torque of the three-cylinder engine over the entire engine speed range. The drive train is rounded off by the new, light and low-maintenance cardan drive, which is particularly valued by adventure touring fans.

Compared to the previous generation of engines, absolutely everything is new, including new bore and stroke, crankshaft, cylinder head, gearbox and clutch, as well as a completely new cardan drive and bevel gearbox. Overall, each individual component was designed to be significantly lighter and more compact, making the new engine a much lighter, but also more powerful overall package and thus significantly changing the driving dynamics. On the basis of the new, very compact and lightweight silencer, the result is a significantly improved sound image, with an unmistakable, pithy triple sound.

The new standard for handling

The Tiger 1200 was designed to set new standards for handling both road and off-road adventures. This is ensured by a considerable reduction in weight, a completely new, lightweight chassis, equipment that is leading in this class and completely new driver ergonomics. After a comprehensive program for mass optimization of the entire motorcycle, which includes all components, the new generation is now more than 25 kg lighter than the previous Tiger and up to 17 kg lighter than comparable competitive models with cardan drive, based on comparable equipment of the motorcycle.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 1 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

The new generation of the Tiger 1200 family offers everyone the choice of the wheel dimensions with which they want to go on tour. The Rally Pro and Rally Explorer are equipped with 21/18 inch spoked wheels, which ensure the best off-road mobility, while the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer are equipped with 19/18 inch cast aluminum wheels, which provide more dynamic handling on the road. All GT models are equipped with Metzeler Tourance ™ tires. They offer outstanding grip and stability on asphalt and good properties in light terrain, while the rally models are equipped with Metzeler Karoo Street ™ tires for more demanding off-road driving. For more advanced off-road driving, the Michelin Anakee Wild is a recommended option.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 53 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

All Tiger 1200 models are equipped with particularly high-quality Brembo Stylema® brakes, which ensure powerful and progressive braking performance. They have been selected to meet the demands of both long road tours and the advanced off-road capabilities of the rally models. The first-class braking performance of the Brembo brake calipers is controlled by the advanced "Optimized Cornering" ABS cornering braking system with which all new models are equipped. It is supported by a highly developed IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), which not only determines the accelerations of the motorcycle, but also the turning and rolling movements as well as the exact lean angle of the motorcycle and determines the optimal ABS intervention. The hand-width adjustable HC-1 brake armature from Magura offers a progressive feel and improves the driver's comfort and control.

The new frame of the Tiger, which is 5,4 kg lighter than that of the previous model, contributes significantly to weight reduction and better handling. Based on customer requirements, it has a screwed aluminum rear frame and also screwed mounts for the passenger footrests. Further weight savings result from the new aluminum tank and the completely new three-joint swing arm, which is 1,5 kg lighter and more stable than the previous single-sided swing arm. It also scores with a cardan drive and bevel gear, which are also smaller and lighter.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 44 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

All new Tiger 1200 models have new seat and tank ergonomics in which the seat in the front area, where it meets the tank, has been made slimmer to give the driver more confidence at low speeds and when stationary. To give every driver the opportunity to find their comfort zone, all models have a built-in, easily adjustable two-height seat mechanism. This allows the seat height to be changed by 20 mm in order to find the most suitable setting. There are two seat height settings for the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer - 850 mm and 870 mm, for the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer it is 875 mm and 895 mm. With the low bench, which is also available as an accessory, customers can lower the seating position by a further 20 mm.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 22 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

For an additional improvement in comfort, the new, easily adjustable screen offers a simple one-hand adjustment mechanism and also has new aero diffusers that divert the wind from the driver and passenger. The handlebar position has been optimized for each model of the Tiger 1200 series, which contributes to the improved agility of the motorcycle and ensures a high level of driver comfort. The handlebar is 20 mm wider than the previous generation to improve control in the field. The handlebars on the GT Explorer and Rally Explorer are 16 mm higher than on the other models in the range to allow even better control. The position of the footpegs has also been refined to ensure optimal driver comfort for each model.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 15 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

All models in the Tiger 1200 series have a comprehensive level of protection for a safe and comfortable ride: hand protectors are standard on all models, an aluminum engine guard is standard on the GT Pro and GT Explorer, while a larger-sized aluminum oil pan protection on the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer are standard. The engine protection bars on the GT Explorer and the two rally variants offer additional protection, while the Rally Explorer is also equipped with tank protection bars. All of these parts can be retrofitted as accessories for models where they are not part of the standard equipment.

A technology package that leaves nothing to be desired

The new Tiger 1200 generation sets new standards in terms of equipment and technology and offers a multitude of advanced functions that improve driving behavior and offer additional safety, comfort and control. The GT Explorer and the Rally Explorer are exclusively equipped with the brand new TRIUMPH Blind Spot Radar System, which was developed in cooperation with Continental and offers two important safety functions. Blind Spot Assist uses rearward-facing radar to alert the driver when another vehicle is in his blind spot. The lane change assistant gives a clearer warning when the driver indicates that he wants to change lanes and a vehicle is approaching.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 8 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

The optimized traction control for cornering is standard on all new models. It is supported by the advanced IMU of the motorcycle to ensure the best possible traction for the respective driving conditions. All the important information that the driver needs is shown on the new, ultra-modern 7-inch TFT instruments with an optically glued display, which can also come up with a new graphic design. The "My TRIUMPH" Connectivity System is also included as standard in all models and enables phone calls, arrow navigation and GoPro ™ control.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 37 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

Depending on the model, up to six driving modes are available that adjust the throttle response, ABS, traction control and chassis settings for maximum control of the driver under all driving conditions. The Off-Road Pro driving mode - exclusive to the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer models - is TRIUMPH's off-road setup for advanced off-road driving - with ABS and traction control switched off and off-road throttle control. The rain mode has been specially tailored to the needs of drivers in adverse conditions and is limited to 100 hp for increased safety and control.

  • Driving modes for the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer models: road, rain, sport, driver-configurable, off-road and off-road Pro
  • Driving modes for the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer models: road, rain, sport, driver-configurable and off-road
  • Driving modes on the Tiger 1200 GT model: rain, road and sport

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 28 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

The new full-LED headlights with the striking new daytime running lights (DRL) ensure the best view in every driving situation. The new, lean-dependent adaptive headlights, which are standard equipment on all models except the Tiger 1200 GT, provide additional visibility and illumination when cornering. The TRIUMPH Shift Assist is standard equipment on all models, except for the Tiger 1200 GT, where it is available as an accessory. The TRIUMPH Shift Assist enables easy upshifts and downshifts without having to operate the clutch and close the gas. The Hill Hold hill start aid is standard on all models except the Tiger 1200 GT. Hill Hold prevents the motorcycle from rolling backwards when starting up a steep incline by applying the rear brake until it senses the rider is starting to move.

Triumph Tiger 1200 Model 2022 24 The best of both worlds: the Triumph Tiger 1200!

For increased comfort on long journeys in all weathers, all models with the exception of the Tiger 1200 GT are equipped with heated handles as standard. The GT Explorer and the Rally Explorer also have heated driver and pillion seats as well as the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, which ensures the safety of the driver at the highest level. Seat heating and TPMS are available as accessories for all other models. To complete the comprehensive technology package of the new Tiger, all new models have a large number of additional equipment features that make driving even more pleasant. This includes intuitive and easily accessible fittings with a 5-way joystick control that is unique in this segment, illuminated switches and a storage compartment under the seat with a USB charger. An adjustable electronic cruise control and a main stand are standard equipment on all models except the Tiger GT.

Distinctive new tiger style

The specifications for the styling were just as ambitious as the improvements in handling and performance. The new Tiger 1200 offers an unmistakable new look with a stretched, confident appearance, thanks to the newly designed, minimal bodywork, clear, modern lines and a visually lighter front section is reinforced. Each model series offers a defined, unique look. The GT bikes have a more elegant style, while the rally models - also thanks to the 21-inch front wheels - have a more robust appearance and even more off-road attitude. The new generation is also characterized by a significantly slimmer waist and a more compact design with a narrower crotch, which not only makes it easier to put your feet on, but also to move around on the motorcycle while driving - and especially off-road.

The color options of the Tiger 1200 models:

  • Rally Pro and Rally Explorer: Snowdonia White / Sapphire Black / Matt Khaki
  • GT Pro and GT Explorer: Snowdonia White / Sapphire Black / Lucerne Blue
  • 1200 GT: Snowdonia White

Special range of accessories

A tailor-made selection of more than 1200 original TRIUMPH accessories is available for the new Tiger 50, enriching the experience of every driver. They improve the performance, comfort, style and protection of the motorcycle. The most important accessory options include:

  • two complete luggage systems that were developed by TRIUMPH in collaboration with Givi:
    • New "Trekker" suitcase and 52-liter double helmet topcase with a passenger backrest
    • New "Expedition" case made of aluminum, which can be opened from above, with a matching 42 liter top case and backrest (available in brushed aluminum or matt black finish)
  • Comprehensive protection program with engine protection bars, tank protection bars and oil sump protection made of aluminum.
  • heated driver and pillion seats (including the heated seat at a low height)
  • adjustable wind deflector for the windshield
  • TRIUMPH Shift Assist quick shifter
  • LED fog lights and LED indicators with running light function
  • main stand
  • a new TRIUMPH Sena bluetooth headset; it is the result of a new partnership, works with the integrated My TRIUMPH Connectivity System and comes with the current Sena sound system from Harman Kardon
  • TRIUMPH Track + location system
  • TRIUMPH Protect + alarm system

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