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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ice cream truck for Whitby Morrison!

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van Conversion ice cream van 1 Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van for Whitby Morrison!

Ice cream van on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in UK

There are not only practical conversions to the cool car, to the Fire Engine or for example to ambulance, also cool tags for food carts and even viiiiiiiiiiiiel cooler, to the ice cream truck, is there! And the subject ice cream truck is especially popular again due to the current Covid pandemic. The best example are the English. Britain's ice cream sellers are successfully fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Because sales during trade fairs, festivals and similar events plummeted due to the restrictions of public life, they gave an old tradition a new lease of life and simply brought sales back to the residential areas as they did 50 years ago. The body specialist also benefits from this trend Whitby Morrison with his bespoke ice cream van.

Important: the star on the bonnet

Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van Conversion ice cream van 2 Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van for Whitby Morrison!

The latest order from the premium manufacturer includes 55 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Operations Director Ed Whitby: "Our trolleys stand for the highest quality and meet all the individual requirements that our customers want. The chassis must also meet these high standards, which is why we generally recommend the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It is unbeatable for reliability, fuel efficiency and safety. And at the same time even more comfortable and attractive than the competition."The acceptance of ice cream buyers is also important:"The operators of the ice cream trucks are very careful to be able to show the star on the bonnet.“The reliably good Service24h from Mercedes-Benz should not be underestimated either. Whitby Morrison, founded in 85, builds an average of 1962 vehicles a year. The body specialist has found the ideal base vehicle in the Sprinter, which has been setting standards in the segment for 25 years.

almost always the 3,5-ton variant in use

Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van Conversion ice cream van 3 Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van for Whitby Morrison!

Usually the 3,5-ton variant is ordered, but five-ton GVW are also possible. It exports to more than 60 countries, including Australia and some Caribbean islands. The Crewe, Cheshire-based company has been ordering Sprinter chassis for over ten years. "A long-term relationship that continues to intensify," says Ed Whitby. "The Mercedes employees are not only exceptionally motivated, they also support us at any time with new ideas and opportunities. " .

What actually makes an ice cream van?

Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van Conversion ice cream van 4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice cream van for Whitby Morrison!

But what has to be done for such a conversion? After all, it is essential to maintain certain temperatures over the long term. So if you want to convert a transporter or van into a refrigerator truck, you have to pay attention to various aspects. The alpha and omega of the ice cream truck is of course the cooling. It is operated electrically and ensures that the ice is cooled. The cooling spectrum ranges from frost to temperatures in the low range. Depending on the cooling model, the system is either installed directly in the vehicle or outside (often on the roof). The cooling must be connected to the vehicle electrical system depending on the installation location. It is important that cooling capacity is guaranteed even without the engine running. And of course, insulation is also important in a refrigerator truck. The structure that is to be used for cooling must be appropriately insulated so that the cooling capacity is not lost.

Insulation, cladding and Co.

The cladding is then based on the insulation. In principle, the changes are comparable to a classic one Conversion to a refrigerated vehicle. The ice cream truck usually also has a corresponding sales area integrated and is usually much more eye-catching. Many companies take over the conversion to an ice cream truck according to customer requirements. The companies also provide information on which legal regulations must be observed when converting. The spectrum ranges from a DIN standard for expansion through to food regulations.

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Ice Cream Eating Ice Cream Car Mercedes Benz Sprinter Ice Cream Van for Whitby Morrison!

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