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Is it possible to adjust the car's wipers yourself?

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Wiper Spoiler Wiper Spoiler Pressure Booster Tuning 3 Is it possible to adjust the car's wipers yourself?

Your vehicle's windshield wipers should always be optimally adjusted, this is especially true right after an exchange or if you can see jerky movements. In the following, we provide you with a few tips and tricks, as well as important information so that you can adjust your car's windscreen wipers perfectly. Tip: Do the windshield wipers need to be replaced? Then there is all the important information and instructions here. Or are the wiper blades still OK and maybe by means of processing still usable? Then here is a tutorial on how to make the wipers work again.

Adjust the wipers correctly

Set the wipers correctly or quickly identify incorrectly adjusted wipers. Poorly functioning windshield wipers are not always related to a dirty window or high wind. The windshield wipers can just as well incorrectly set .

Single-arm wiper Single-arm windscreen wiper Single wiper Tuning 2 e1560513009803 Is it possible to adjust the car's wipers yourself?

We'll tell you how you can quickly identify incorrectly adjusted windshield wipers:

  1. The direction: You can quickly identify the problem by the direction in which the problem is being caused. Scratches For example, if the windshield wiper only moves up or down, then it is most likely that Incorrect angle set.
  2. Are a less clear sign Schlieren on the window pane, this can also be on a wear indicate. Nevertheless, you should also watch the direction when streaks form. If the streaks only occur in one direction, it is very likely that it is one incorrect adjustment the causal problem.
  3. Can you none of these signs clearly identify, it can also just be a worn, porous or old windshield wiper. If this is the case, only one will help exchange to be able to enjoy a clear view again.

Tips & tricks for adjusting the windshield wipers

If you are convinced that the wipers incorrectly set then you should fix the problem as soon as possible. We have important tips & tricks for you on how you can do this very easily:

  • You can use the Wiper angle change by gently turning the arms of the windscreen wipers. Since this puts stress on the material and turns it in a direction that is not reinforced, the windshield wipers can break off in the worst case. Therefore, you should always only use the angle great care and in small steps . change
  • To see whether the wipers are at the ideal angle (90 degrees), you can let the wipers wipe halfway across the window and then switch off the wiper motor. Then get out and take a look at the rubber lip. If those followed is the angle set correctly. However, if the lip is pushed ahead and therefore shows against the wiping direction, the angle is wrong.

  • Only set the windscreen wipers when it is raining (wet windscreen), because it works much easier on a wet windscreen than on a dry windscreen. The windshield must always be kept moist on dry days, otherwise the wiper blades will be stressed too much and may become misaligned. This would have negative effects on older models in particular.
  • In the best case scenario, have the windshield wiper settings checked at your car's annual inspection. This only takes a few minutes and works with special ones Angle gauges and other aids.

Windshield wiper hits the A-pillar!

The left windscreen wiper hits every time you wipe against the A-pillar, then there is often one here too incorrect adjustment in front. Adjustment using the wiper arm mount may then be possible. The arm is usually adjusted with small teeth. Here the loosening of the wiper arm and the Shift by 1-2 teeth already fix the problem. However, in some cases the wiper can also be in the wrong end position (too far down). If there is obviously still space downwards, nothing stands in the way of adjustment.

Windshield wiper removal e1605610526619 Adjusting the wipers of the car yourself possible?

Before if you take the step of relocating, you should check whether it is not a simple one wrong (too long) wiper installed is. The wiper must of course be compatible with the type of vehicle. The correct length can be found in the operating instructions and can often be "googled". Also a defective / worn out wiper linkage may be the reason. This happens, for example, if the windshield is / has been wiped on despite plenty of snow. In this case, the entire linkage can bend and must then be replaced. Tip: that too "slight bend“The wiper arm can be the solution. In any case, you should proceed very, very carefully here.

Single-arm wiper Single-arm wiper Single wiper Tuning 3 Is it possible to adjust the car's wipers yourself?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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