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All-rounder - the amphibious vehicle can swim!

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Amphibious vehicle All-rounder the amphibious vehicle can swim!


You can travel reliably on land and water with a so-called amphibious vehicle. If you want to convert your own car into an amphibious vehicle, this is possible with almost any car model, but also extremely complex. Basically, you have to consider in connection with the conversion that this is sometimes extremely costly, time-consuming and not allowed across the board. Getting a normal car buoyant requires a lot of changes and a skilled hand. The tuner around the corner will not be able to do this!

Make the car buoyant

Amphibious vehicle Amphibious vehicle 4 e1577429872254 Allrounder the amphibious vehicle can swim!

The conversion from a car to an amphibious vehicle is divided into several steps. The first conversion step is to get the car floating. This requires extensive renovation work on the shell. For example, the sealing of the entire body. Above all, the transmission, the steering column, the engine, but also the doors must be completely tight. Important components such as the engine must not come into contact with water or at least not be permanently enclosed in it. And of course that also applies to the electronics! And the ability to swim also includes the floating body, which is also known as "swimming sausages". For this purpose, either solid, floatable parts are attached to the side of the vehicle, or inflatable floats are an alternative. The filling is usually done with compressed air, which either has to be generated with a built-in compressor or the floats have to be installed on the vehicle already inflated. A removable variant naturally has the advantage that the look of the car can be partially retained. However, the disadvantage, depending on the system, is that the car takes longer to become buoyant. Depending on what kind of system it is, it must of course also be designed for the vehicle weight. And on that maximum weight, so that the buoyancy is actually guaranteed.

Drive from the car

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In order for a car to move in the water, to move more precisely, it needs an appropriate drive. Here, for example, there is the possibility of a propeller, which can be driven hydraulically or via the cardan shaft. But there is also the possibility of an air screw. The control of the car is done with a good conversion via the steering wheel of the vehicle. Depending on the system, the conversion is associated with different levels of effort. As a result of the work on the body, a lot of filling and painting work on the car may still be necessary. Due to the very extensive conversions that you have to carry out on a car for an amphibious vehicle, you have to re-register this car afterwards. For this you need a test from the TÜV in the first step, which can of course also be extremely complex and expensive.

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Tachograph tachograph logbook 2 310x165 allrounder the amphibious vehicle can swim!

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