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What is a tubular bash bar frame for the vehicle?

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Bash bar guard bar ramming protection tubular frame tuning What is a bash bar tubular frame for the vehicle?

There are many special tuning parts for vehicles that are used in motorsport. This also includes so-called “bash bars” as stable tubular frames. Some of the robust frames are already available for a reasonable price and can be mounted on the vehicle relatively easily. After assembly, they reliably protect the vehicle and driver in motorsport.

What is a Bash Bar Tube Frame?

Bash Bar Guard Bar Rammschutz Rohrramen Tuning 2 What is a bash bar tubular frame for the vehicle?

Bash bars are made of welded steel tubes that form a frame. Depending on the application, they are attached to the front and / or the rear of a car to protect the body from damage. The tubular frame serves as ramming protection and is used in motorsport. The steel tube of a bash bar can absorb the impact energy better than conventional shock absorbers. It not only protects the driver, but also protects sensitive vehicle parts (engine components, etc.) from damage. Bash bar tubular frames come in many different designs. There are both particularly light and reinforced or powder-coated versions. The shape and size of the bash bar should be selected according to the car model, so that it can be attached precisely.

How is a bash bar tubular frame assembled?

Bash Bar Guard Bar Rammschutz Rohrramen Tuning 3 What is a bash bar tubular frame for the vehicle?

To assemble a bash bar, the bumper and bumpers must first be removed. The tubular frame can then be screwed on at this point. This process is possible both at the front and at the rear of the vehicle. There are corresponding tubular frames that either have to be specially made or can be ordered in various online shops using the plug-and-play method for frequently used vehicles. After assembly, the Bash Bar tubular frames sit firmly and can withstand a stronger impact in motorsport. The installation is usually not a problem for experienced tuners and can often be carried out directly at the OEM mounting points. Alternatively, it can also be done in a professional workshop so that the tubular frame is securely attached. PS: The parts are also available directly Jack support. Search terms here are "Bash Bar Jacking Point" or "Bash Bar Jack Lift" and only the term "JackPoint" leads to corresponding results. The difference is then an additional pipe or a special shape for receiving the jack.

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Bash Bar Guard Bar Rammschutz Rohrramen Tuning 4 What is a bash bar tubular frame for the vehicle?

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