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Tip: what to do if the battery in the electric car is empty?

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A dead battery is the main reason electric cars break down. In this article, we'll tell you what you should and shouldn't do in such a case.

How can you avoid breaking down with your electric car?

In order to avoid unnecessarily and annoyingly lying down with the electric car, you should always Pay attention to the vehicle's on-board computer, because it will inform you in good time that the battery will soon be empty and show you the quickest route to the next charging station. If the car is already warning you to charge the battery, ignore the hint under no circumstance.

e vehicle battery all break down On-board computer Tip: What to do if the battery in the electric car is empty?

How often do electric cars break down?

According to the ADAC, electric cars are rarely left lying around. The ADAC reveals that a total of 2018 breakdowns with electric cars were reported in 400. But these mishaps also counted Tire damage or Jump start. In total, however, the ADAC was called to more than 2018 million missions in 3,9. Therefore, the 400 uses in electric cars are actually quite a small proportion. The reason for this is that e-cars are simply less prone to breakdowns than conventional vehicles with combustion engines, as there are significantly fewer error-prone assemblies in e-cars.

e vehicle battery all break down On-board computer 3 Tip: What to do when the battery in the electric car is empty?

Can electric cars be towed?

Unfortunately, electric cars can not safely towed become. The reason for this is quite easy to explain, as energy is generated in the electric motor via at least one axle when the vehicle is being towed. However, if this energy is at not activated on-board system is directed into the engine, the control electronics to be damaged. Therefore, e-cars cannot simply be towed away, but have to be loaded with great effort.

Who will help you if your e-car breaks down?

In most cases there is a breakdown Manufacturer/Model As part of the Mobility guarantee to the side and help to transport the e-car to a service partner, a charging station or home. Often you will also be given a rental car as a transition vehicle. The emergency services are usually also specially trained for the requirements of e-cars.

What additional options are there in the event of a breakdown?

In principle, as the owner of an e-car, you can also contact automobile clubs like the ADAC or Avd turn. The employees are usually trained in electric cars and are on hand to offer advice and assistance. Should be experienced in handling e-cars Workshop close by, this could also be a good choice. Passers-by can also provide help if they are well instructed.

What should you not do in the event of a breakdown?

In the event of a breakdown, never play around with the high-voltage system of the car. All Cables under the hood of an electric car are taboo unless you are a specialist in this field. If you are not, call a specialist in any case.

e vehicle battery all stop on-board computer, bonnet open Tip: What to do when the battery in the electric car is empty?

Is there a mobile charging service for e-cars?

Hyundai and the ADAC have been offering a so-called in Hamburg and Duisburg since 2019 Mobile charging at. BMW also relied on a mobile one in metropolitan areas Recharger service, but this service has been retired due to a lack of demand. The Sangl dealership from Landsberg am Lech was one of the first dealerships in Germany to purchase a mobile charging station for e-cars.

Can every e-car be charged on a mobile basis?

Only e-cars that come with direct current refueled can be recharged on the go. These vehicles include all Tesla models, the Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Ioniq. A Exception is the Renault Zoë, which cannot be charged while mobile.

Are there other mobile charging technologies for e-cars?

In 2018, the German automotive group VW presented a power bank for e-cars that can be set up in public parking lots or connected directly to the power grid. Such a power bank has a charging capacity of 360 kWh. With this charging capacity, up to 15 e-cars and even 4 e-cars can be charged at the same time. The average charging time per vehicle is around 17 minutes.

VW Group Mobile Ladesaeule E Auto Tip: What to do when the battery in the electric car is empty?

Various start-ups have also dealt with this topic. The start-up offers a courier service in Berlin, for example, that brings a battery box to recharge the broken down electric car.

Mobile charging of e-cars in an emergency with Hyundai and the ADAC

Hyundai and ADAC Service GmbH have tested a mobile charging aid for e-cars in the cities of Duisburg and Hamburg in order to test the occurrence of breakdown situations with different charging infrastructures. A Hyundai Ioniq equipped with a mobile charger came to the rescue of the broken down electric cars. Means V2V charging The breakdown vehicle was supplied with electricity from the Hyundai Ioniq's battery. The direct current (DC-DC) with a power of maximum 20 kWh mittels CCS connector imported into the broken down electric car. This allowed the range of the broken-down vehicle can be charged to 15 km within 25 minutesso that the next charging station could be reached without any problems. The charging process was automatically canceled as soon as the charge level of the Hyundai Ioniq fell below 30 percent. The Ioniq's own emergency was thus ruled out.

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