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An individual wiring harness for the vehicle? Is there!

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Wiring harness oldtimer replica Restomod Tuning An individual wiring harness for the vehicle? Is there!
With help of a Wiring harness the cables are organized in the vehicle with the corresponding connections. The Relocation a complete wiring harness in the vehicle is very rare as a repair service and is often considered a necessary measure if a Cable fire or a Short circuit have added to the vehicle. But also with one comprehensive restorations or for complex conversions - for example with a completely new engine, gearbox and drive - can be a individual wiring harness become necessary. While the installation of a wiring harness is a rare measure, it is still carried out every now and then in the area of ​​autotuning.

complicated installation and connection

A individually and personally designed wiring harness takes a lot of planning. But at the same time it has many advantages. This is why installing an individual cable harness for auto tuning and restoration is particularly worthwhile. Especially with Tuning of classics (Theme Restomod) and with typical vintage cars the wiring harness should be modified. Here it can often be the case that the old standards (e.g. 6V vs. 12V) no longer correspond to the new and therefore also Vulnerabilities can bring with them. You can have the individual wiring harness here prepare yourself or hand over the order to a company - both are possible to get the optimally tailored wiring harness to be installed in the vehicle. Please note that no used items be patched together. It's too dangerous!

Wiring harness oldtimer replica Restomod installation 1 An individual wiring harness for the vehicle? Is there!

For vehicles with special characteristics or special extras, a individual wiring harness definitely recommendable, as a production model might not cover all needs here. So it is advisable to install an individual wiring harness in an individual vehicle. Such a wiring harness can be used in any vehicle and can be an advantage - regardless of whether it has two, four or more wheels, large or small. For example, should the classic from the 30s be a Air conditioning, electric windows, Power Steering or a new one instrument cluster received, then there is a new - specially tailored - wiring harness inevitable.

Installation should be carried out by a specialist!

A wiring harness should only be installed by a specialist. After all, this is about power cables and all of the functionality of the car. Something can easily break or be installed incorrectly, making it unsightly later consequential damages that can remain permanently or set the entire vehicle on fire. In addition, your own safety comes first. The personal wishes and suggestions can be communicated to the specialist so that he can implement them accordingly. As fun as tinkering is, it definitely is none A matter that should be tried with luck. Here is expert asked. There are also certain legal standards that must be observed during installation. The wiring harness is the vehicle's nervous system and accordingly sensitive. If a part fails, for example due to an interruption in the line, a component in the vehicle will fail. This can even lead to a total failure of the vehicle.

cb no thumbnail An individual wiring harness for the vehicle? Is there!

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Jeep DJ 5B Dispatcher Jeep Restomod 9 An individual wiring harness for the vehicle? Is there!

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