Rarely: Wing nuts were used for this on classic cars!

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Wing nut wire spoke rims Oldtimer retrofitting Tuning Rarely: Wing nuts were used for this on oldtimers!

Especially on classic Wire spoke wheels were on earlier classic cars like the Jaguar E-Type (also on vehicles from MG, Morgan, Austin Healey etc.) wing nuts installed for wheel attachment. However, it was difficult to open and close, albeit quickly. Basically, a hammer was hit on the mother's wings in order to tighten the wheel. After a while, the nuts looked correspondingly demolished. But even back then there were and were special tools for this. Nowadays the classic wing nut can be opened and closed with an adapter piece with a ¾ ratchet and an extension, and it is not damaged in the process and even tightened with the correct torque. If the vehicle had such a wing nut system installed at the time, that meant that a variant was included Central locking is installed. They were particularly well known here Borrani spoked wheels from the 50s. The Milan-based manufacturer Ruote Borrani created true milestones in cycling technology. In the form of an innovative design with Aluminum rim ring for extreme weight reduction and at the same time good strength values.

Back then, sports cars relied on wing nuts

Wing nut wire spoke rims Oldtimer conversion Tuning Ferrari Rarely: Wing nuts are used for this on oldtimers!

Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Iso, Facel Vega, Aston Martin and many other respected brands rely on this type of rim. At that time, a Mercedes 300 SL could also be ordered with so-called rudder rims and central locking and with wing nuts that protruded from the side of the body. And even today, classic cars with normal rims can be converted to the chic look of the spoke rims including wing nuts. There are various conversion kits available on the network. A subsequent conversion on a rim with wing nut is likely to turn out to be for a decrease in the case of a testing organization, however make it difficult. Due to the high risk of injury, approval is for vehicles that are permitted on the road almost impossible.

banned for good reason

And there are good reasons why wing nuts on classic cars that are used in road traffic are forbidden. Since when this has been the case, unfortunately, it was not possible to research. A prominent example was that Accidental death of the American dancer and choreographer Angela Isadora Duncan, who on September 14, 1927 was the passenger in an open Amilcar (possibly it was also a Bugatti Type 35 or 37) was killed when her silk scarf caught in a wing nut on the sports car wheel and strangled her. The wing nuts seem to be banned on classic cars, so rightly. Nevertheless, the purchase of original wing nuts is particularly interesting for classic car fans who want their favorite item do not move on public roads.

Brief information about wing nuts!

Wing nut wire spoke rims Oldtimer conversion Industry Rare: Wing nuts were used for this on oldtimers!wing nuts or winged nuts were once developed in order to be able to produce screw connections without spending a lot of time and without additional tools. Such wing nuts were also used on vintage cars. According to the latest safety standards, however, wing nuts are no longer permitted on the vehicle. Wing nuts are still used in mechanical engineering, but only where they are should not step outside and can be attached because of a possible risk of entanglement. However, wing nuts are also allowed in mechanical engineering should not can be used anywhere.

Features of wing nuts

Due to the two wings attached to the outside, wing nuts distinguish themselves from other nuts. Otherwise, like any other nut, wing nuts are fitted with a ring with an internal thread in the middle. The two small wings that can be easily gripped with the fingers are striking. Wing nuts were widespread in early automotive history. No tools were required to assemble the parts held together by the bolts and nuts. Wing nuts according to DIN 315 and the American standard, which are similar to DIN 315, are still popular today. Both differ only in appearance from each other. The wings of the nut according to DIN 315 are round and large. The American wing nuts angular and slightly smaller. Wing nuts are made from zinc-plated steel or from A2 or A4 stainless steel. Stainless steel wing nuts have a particularly high level of rust protection. However, these are not sought after by classic car fans. They are looking for wing nuts made of galvanized steel, the original shape of wing nuts.

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Wing nut wire spoke rims Oldtimer conversion Tuning 2 Rarely: Wing nuts are used for this on oldtimers!

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