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Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing - Info!

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Engine washes Engine cleaning costs car allowed 9 Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing Info!

For example, if the engine is a engine cleansing with cold cleaner (Tip: This is how cold cleaner is used correctly), then it may be that the factory Engine compartment sealing (the preservation wax) has been damaged or has even completely disappeared. As the ideal overall and corrosion protection for the block and gear, as well as the engine compartment and all add-on parts of your vehicle are suitable Motor protection paint or Engine compartment sealing but optimal. Both variants are very heat-resistant and can also on rubber or Plastics be used. Only the exhaust manifold can pass through the products can not be be protected as he gets too hot.

Here is the difference between the two types:

  • The Motor protection paint is a very tough, heat-resistant and crystal clear lacquer.
  • The Engine compartment sealing is an elastic preservation wax with a transparent yellow-brown color. Such a preservation wax offers long-term protection for the engine compartment, as well as for folds, surfaces and cavities of cars, two-wheelers and many types of machines. As soon as the preservation wax has dried, it leaves a light and firmly adhering appearance Protective film.

Long-term rust protection through special preservation wax

A Special preservation wax especially in rust-prone areas that are out of sight, an excellent Long-term protection. Das Special preservation wax but is also suitable for vehicles that overwintered or shut down should be. Another advantage of the wax is that it can be used in places where there is a risk of splashing water, such as in the engine compartment or near the exhaust.

Engine protection wax Engine preservation e1614349819124 Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing Info!

However, "permanent" protection does not mean forever and ever

The special preservation wax is usually in a Propellant spray can with a content between 200 and 300 milliliters sold. However, should you use the wax more often or be commercially active, you should consider buying one right away 5 liter canister think. The wax is transparent and, according to most manufacturer information, too salt and splash proof. And many refer to one permanent protection. But the period of time that manufacturers understand by "permanent" is usually not defined in more detail. Because hardly any manufacturer leaves a complex special Salt spray test method to check the anti-rust agent. Basically, however, you should assume that the funds no protection for eternity Offer.

Engine protection wax Engine preservation Sonax 1 e1614350005201 Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing Info!

Also for wintering and abandoned vehicles!

The special preservation wax cannot be used for vehicles that are currently in operation, but is also ideal for disused Vehicles or for the wintering suitable. In addition, the wax makes it even easier to remove graffiti from surfaces. The quality of each is evident in the body area of ​​the engine and exhaust Anti-rust agent. While cheap rust inhibitors are already after a few weeks or a few months can lose their effect, high-quality products usually offer for years optimal protection. A special preservation wax is therefore exactly the right choice if you have a Long-term spray wax look for the chassis parts, the engine and the brake lines protects against corrosion. Many of these remedies already come at a cost of around 10 euros available and therefore worth a try.

Engine protection wax Engine preservation Sonax Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing Info!

Conclusion, properties and application:

An engine protection wax can be summarized as a anti-rust preservation wax be designated which one long term Allows (non-permanent) protection of your vehicle and leaves a firmly adhering protective film on the surface after drying.

An engine protection wax can easy and uncomplicated applied and offers excellent adhesion without to drain or to flow away. The agent also sticks painted or untreated Provides optimal protection against Weather conditions, as well as against weak acids and bases.

Shake before use: Before use, the spray bottle should always shaken well become. Then a thin layer of the engine protection wax can be applied. When the agent has evaporated, one remains transparent but protective film .

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Engine protection wax Engine preservation Sonax 1 e1614350005201 Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing Info!

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