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An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

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Audi R8 yellow-green foiling 20 inch Tuning Airride 11 An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

In the past mainly public institutions of the state and advertising technology operated Car Wrapping. Colored elements or symbols were attached to cars using foils. A typical example of this is the color scheme of the German police and ambulance vehicles. But the advertising industry also uses this technology and so we can repeatedly discover vehicles in road traffic that have eye-catching lettering, advertisements and advertising messages. The marketing trick is old and should help to make services, products or companies widely known. Nowadays, more and more private individuals are relying on car wrapping. This is because the car wrapping has proven itself to quickly give a vehicle a new look and so the popularity of car wrapping is increasing in the tuning scene. If you too want to transform your car into a real highlight, you should not miss this article.

What exactly is car wrapping?

With car wrapping, foils cover the vehicle and give it a new look. There is the possibility of the car to wrap completely or only partial, so only to cover individual parts of it. Unlimited color and design options transform cars into truly unique pieces, which, in contrast to the 0815 models, catch the eye. Car wrapping gives users the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Various design options can be selected for the vehicle wrapping.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 beige foiling Forgiato Wheels 1 An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

Car wrapping: In this procedure, the vehicles complete covered with foil. The material is made of plastic and has a high adhesive strength and elasticity. Because of this, a 3D effect is created when Car Wrapping caused, which emphasizes the look of the car. With the help of digital printing, different colors and patterns are transferred to the material, which characterize the films.

Leapmotor S01 with cool foiling and race parts 2 An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

Partial wrapping: With this method, only a partial foiling of the cars is carried out, as is known, for example, from ambulances or police cars. Means Teilfolierung it is also possible to highlight only certain elements of the car or to emphasize the roof in color from the rest of the car.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster Rockfall Protection Foil PPF 16 An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

Paint protection film: This type of foiling not only convinces with its optical aspect, but also proves to be extremely practical. The film has the property of protecting against scratches and stone chips. Since the slide of the Paint protection film is much thicker than the classic film. It is used in particular as a loading sill protection and in the front area of ​​the vehicles. In this area, however, the color palette is limited.

450 PS AUDI RS1 A1 GB quattro Widebody Tuning 2019 2 An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

Branding: By that one understands the vehicle Graphics with advertising messages, brand names, advertisements and the like.

Professionals are the better wrappers

Wrapping is not a complicated method, but bubbles can quickly appear without the right technique. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional to do this. Specialized service companies know what is important when it comes to vehicle lettering and the installation of foils. First, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the film is attached seamlessly. This cleaning process normally takes two hours, while the smaller body parts are dismantled at the same time.

Apply Tron foiling wrap e1578033001245 An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

Only then is the film applied precisely. Not only classic foils can be used for this. Time is money, the service providers also know that and they therefore offer night conversions, especially for business cars, trucks and co. Which are in daily use. In this way, the foiling can take place on site and enables the customer to operate seamlessly.

The advantages of car wrapping

In the meantime, the foiling is replacing the painting, as it has many advantages. For one thing, there can be a foiling faster and is cheaper than painting, on the other hand, the OEM paint is protected against stone chips and scratches with the aid of the film and the film can even be removed again. The wide range of designs is particularly attractive and by means of window wrapping it is even possible to keep away UV rays and heat and prevent glass breakage.

Does car wrapping also have disadvantages?

By and large, car wrapping has no drawbacks. However, you have to have one for the car rest time plan after the foiling to ensure the adhesion of the foil. If you are considering wrapping the car yourself, you should do this slowly and prudently, as bubbles and creases can arise that cannot be removed. In this case, the film must be peeled off and started over.

What is not allowed?

Section 40 (1) of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) prohibits the foiling of front side windows, windshields and safety glass. The reason for this is that foiling in these areas can restrict the view, which is a danger in road traffic. Therefore it is only possible to equip the rear windows and the rear side windows with foil. If you still want to apply a ten centimeter tint strip to the windshield, you need a type approval. The same applies that a maximum of a quarter of the windshield may be covered with stickers.

Glass Coating Floating Steaming Panes Tones Tuning An individual car design? Car wrapping makes it possible!

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