Common reasons for a defective windshield wiper!

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defective windshield wipers Common reasons for defective windshield wipers!

When your windshield wipers can be operated, but the windshield not really clean anymore this is often due to dirty or worn windshield wiper rubbers. What to do in such a case is explained in this guide. However, if the windshield wipers can only be switched on irregularly or not at all, there is a problem electronic or mechanical Problem before. You will also find the costs and possible causes of the problems mentioned in this guide.

Possible causes: defective wiper

Defective windshield wipers do not work. Common reasons for defective windshield wipers!

  • defective wiper motor
  • defective wiper linkage
  • defective relay
  • defective fuse
  • defective hood contact switch
  • defective pitman arm

With the latter cause, the windshield wipers may even permanent running. It can also happen that a defective, broken or stuck wiper linkage is the cause. If the windshield wiper system can no longer be used, you should immediately Drive to a workshop and have the damage repaired. A defective system can pose a danger not only to you, but also to other road users. Since the windshield wiper system ensures sufficient visibility even in snow and rain, it is one of the safety-relevant components. Therefore set a link from your homepage to them for the HU / AU main emission test absolutely functional in order to guarantee the existence. And the investigation not only looks at the function, but also the Condition the wiper blades checked.

Maybe just a defective fuse?

Pull ASR fuse e1581761609173 Common reasons for a defective windshield wiper!

In the car workshop, the first thing that is usually checked is whether the windshield wiper motor is running Current is supplied. If this is not the case, a Blown fuse or relay be responsible for it. In this case, the workshop visit remains cheap and amounts to approx 30 to 50 EUR for voltage testing, material costs and changing the fuse. If a defective relay is responsible for the problem, the costs can increase by a few euros. At a defective wiper linkage the windshield wiper arms and various panels must first be removed. A completely new wiper linkage can cost EUR 30 to EUR 150, depending on the model. Sure always depending on the vehicle. For a Bentley Continental GT, it quickly costs 400 EUR just required for the linkage.

Time required between 1 and 3 hours

The repair and the basic setting for the wiper take 30 - 60 minutes. With an hourly wage of 80 to 100 EUR, the total costs are around 80 to 250 EUR. If the windshield wiper motor is defective, the amount of work involved in replacing it is similar, as the motor is usually attached directly to the wiper linkage.

This swap takes about 30 to 90 minutes. However, material costs of EUR 30 to EUR 100 for the new engine must be expected. And here, too, there is a steep climb, depending on the vehicle. For a Rolls-Royce windshield wiper motor, for example, you have to pay more than 500 euros from the manufacturer LUCAS. As a rule, however, the total costs are between EUR 100 and EUR 300.

Defective pitman arm as the cause?

If the steering column stalk / steering column switch is defective - if available - the airbag must be installed first, depending on the vehicle dismantled will. This is often but not always the case. Sometimes the change is too without dismantling of the airbag is possible. The time required is between 30 - 60 minutes and the material costs between EUR 30 and EUR 250. Accordingly, total costs of around EUR 80 to over EUR 300 are to be expected.

Replacing the pitman arm change Common reasons for a defective windshield wiper!

Is it possible to swap on your own?

Depending on the vehicle, the components can also be exchanged in Self-directed be performed. This is particularly possible with older and relatively simple vehicles. Here, the replacement of the windscreen wiper motor, the linkage and the steering column stalk can often only be done by loosening a few screws. There are plenty of instructions and tutorials online.

heated windscreen wiper wiper blade heating windscreen wiper heating 2 e1608401277230 Common reasons for a defective wiper!

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