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What actually is a so-called long-stroke suspension?

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Baja Prerunner Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet 3 What actually is a so-called long-stroke suspension?

Within the Long stroke suspension the spring travel is partly clear longer than with a normal suspension spring and also longer than with a conventional off-road suspension. Why? So that effects can be better dampened by uneven road surfaces and high and particularly long jumps. Because of this property, this type of cushioning is often used by the so-called Baja trucks and also the Rock crawlers applied. Baja trucks or so-called trophy trucks are all-terrain vehicles that are used for fast trips off the beaten track and, among other things, have to make high jumps. One such race car with long-stroke suspension are for example the Glickenhaus 008, the Honda Ridgeline or even the Trophy Truck by BJ Bladwin.

significantly more suspension travel

The Main difference compared to a normal coil spring consists in the total length, as the spring deflection enlarged respectively extended is. As a rule, however, long-stroke suspension is road legal can not be , as the entire driving behavior and the chassis geometry of the car change. As a result, the weight shift when cornering also changes. In the case of the well-known Baja trucks, this is partially compensated for by clearing out the interior and making many other special adjustments.

Long-stroke suspension Baja Truck long-stroke axle system What actually is a so-called long-stroke suspension?

Which installation measures are necessary?

It should also be borne in mind that a easy replacement of springs not enough for the change to take effect. They also have to be exchanged upper and lower wishbonesto increase the vertical freedom of movement of the tires. Longer shock absorbers are also required to allow the entire suspension of the landing gear to move further apart. Here are an advantage adjustable shock absorbers, as their hardness can be adjusted depending on the terrain. For security reasons are also longer brake lines an absolute must, as these are usually attached to the top of the wheel arch and run down parallel to the strut. By lengthening the spring, the distance from the brake caliper to the upper part of the wheel arch is correspondingly increased.

Long-stroke suspension Baja Truck long-stroke axle system chassis What actually is a so-called long-stroke suspension?

To make the components of the chassis more durable, there are various Limitations to recommend. These prevent, for example, the spring from jumping out if it does spread too far. The same goes for the shock absorber to put it in front of it Hyperextension to protect. Another security measure is to to extend the fenders outwards. The reason for this is that the larger tires do not push stones and dirt against the windshield and racing vehicles that are behind are not unnecessarily covered with rubble. Depending on the vehicle type, further modifications such as longer axles, cardan shafts, the attachment of a so-called swaybar, special brackets for the springs and safety measures to prevent damage may be necessary.

SUVs or pickups are particularly suitable

Long-stroke suspension Baja Truck long-stroke axle system chassis 2 e1623128860456 What is a so-called long-stroke suspension?

Generally there is no limit for the choice of the vehicle, since with enough time and effort almost any vehicle can be converted. However, due to the standard chassis geometry and the load-bearing capacity of the frame, they are particularly suitable Pick-up trucks, SUVs and vehicles that are ex works for the Off-road operation are provided. Furthermore, conversions of old VW Beetles are also very popular. For this, however, major changes have to be made to the body and countless custom-made products. There are now also some kits with the most necessary components to make vehicles such as a Ford F-150 suitable for jumps. However, costs of several thousand euros are always to be expected. And should the vehicle actually be on one official competition participate, there are other special requirements (Roll cage, fire extinguishing system, etc.) can be installed depending on the competition.

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Long-stroke suspension Baja Truck long-stroke axle system chassis 3 e1623128964577 What is a so-called long-stroke suspension?

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