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Info: What actually is the crazy backward car?

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Backward Car Backward Vehicle Conversion Tuning Info: What is the crazy backward car?

Backward is the English expression for "backwards". A Backward Car has a simple property that makes it an eye-catcher. The vehicle has its chassis upside down and that The rear acts as a kind of front. During a normal tour in the direction of travel, a backward car looks as if it is constantly driving backwards. For example, backward cars can be seen in pictures and videos on the Internet, but they are rarely a reality. There are many digitally created vehicles that are intended to convey fun to the viewer and are not meant to be serious.

Virtual and real backward cars

Building the body of a vehicle upside down and turning the rear into the front area is an extremely time-consuming undertaking. On the other hand, it's quick on the computer. Photos and tutorials can be found on the Internet that show how a backward car is simply created virtually. Instead of a technically demanding vehicle body, the roof section of the vehicle is rotated with a suitable photo program and that's it. Such photos are popular and spread through social channels.

A completely different and extremely time-consuming undertaking than digital image processing is that real generation of a backward car. Many vehicles that were built as backward cars can be viewed in various video clips on YouTube and we have also discovered such a video. Part of the setup was to put the truck body upside down and make the truck look like it was constantly driving backwards.

Backward Cars - hardly any difference when stationary

When a backward car is parked, there is hardly any difference to the conventional structure from the outside. In the case of the video inserted above, the difference can only be recognized immediately by looking into the interior of the pickup. In contrast to the standard Chevy, the backward car has the pedals, seats and the steering wheel, namely built in mirror-inverted. Depending on the conversion, the previous front lights (signal lights) then function as brake lights. In general, countless small details have to be taken into account before such a vehicle is completely converted. And those who are a little more familiar with the production vehicle will be able to see the details quickly. But that's difficult for the layman.

Backward Car Backward Vehicle Conversion Tuning 2 Info: What actually is the crazy backward car?

Backward car - legal elsewhere?

In the case of the vehicle from the video, it is said that the vehicle manufacturer convinced the local authorities and insurance companies and was able to register his vehicle legally and with insurance. In Germany, however, such conversions are not known and are not classified as legal or drivable in road traffic. It is not known why the Chevy was converted into a backward car. Sure but just for fun. Because the vehicle is no longer really useful. Maybe there will be more of Backward Cars to be seen in the future. As an eye-catcher at a tuning meeting, it is definitely a nice change.

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Backward Car Backward Vehicle Conversion Tuning 4 Info: What actually is the crazy backward car?

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