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Tip: What drivers need to consider during floods!

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Especially in the summer months, thunderstorms sometimes bring torrential amounts of rain and Hochwasser with himself. Unfortunately we are seeing this in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Rhineland-Palatinate and even here, in the Erzgebirge district, there were sometimes violent storms with a lot of destruction. And vehicles are also often affected. But when can a flooded car still to be saved, in which cases the pays Insurance and how deep are you allowed to drive through? In response to current events, in this article we will clarify this and many other questions that drivers need to consider during floods.

What to do if the car is already full of water?

Your car should already have water through the floods filled up you should immediately receive your Inform insurance. Have you a Comprehensive tariff, you usually get the damage refunded. Make sure to do the documentation of the claim enough photos from the car.

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Start too in no case your engineif this was previously flooded, because water that is still in the cylinders, in the intake or in the oil pan could cause even greater damage. Even if the engine should start, there is still a risk, as the water could get into the oil circuit and cause a piston seizure or damage to the crankshaft. In such cases only the towing service can usually help.

Can a car that is flooded with water be drained again?

A flooded car is not automatically ripe for the junkyard. Before you declare the vehicle ready for scrap, you should, according to the ZDK (Central Association of the German Motor Vehicle Industry) first visit a specialist workshop and get advice there.

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There you can find out whether it is a write-off or whether a renovation / repair is an option. There already that Switch on the ignition or another consumer can lead to a short circuit, the battery must in such a case be disconnected as soon as possible. It is therefore best to have a flooded car brought to the workshop by the towing service. In the workshop, a decision is made based on the current value of the vehicle, the severity of the water damage and the amount of dirt, whether a drainage is still profitable. In principle, water damage in the interior can of course also be successfully removed.

Legal regulations for trips in flood areas:

When driving in flood areas, flooded roads apply only in an emergency and not drive too fast may be. When the water barely reaches the wheel hub, should the journey should be possible without any problems. But if the water is higher, it can quickly become problematic. Because the water could via the intake manifold get into the engine under the front bumper.

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If the engine is completely or partially submerged, the engine block or cylinder head may crack. In addition, the water could also be sucked in by the engine and this could quickly give up the ghost. Therefore, an engine that has already been in the water may never be started. In such a case, only the towing service can help. Tip: Also a upward suction snorkel only helps to a limited extent and only for short water crossings. One must not forget that the engine is protected in this way, the rest of the vehicle (including the electronics in the engine compartment) is often only slightly or not at all protected from the water.

What does the insurance pay in the event of a flood?

Basically one covers Partial insurance Flood damage except the driver can gross negligence be proven if he has parked the car in a flood-prone parking lot, for example. Therefore, when taking out insurance, you should always make sure that it also takes effect, if there is gross negligence. The insurance only pays in the event of flooding when the water has come to the car and not the other way around.

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Another note: If you have flood damage, you have to only for the excess come up and allowed not be upgraded. However, drivers without a suitable cover letter have to pay for the rescue or towing costs themselves. The engine suffers through Residual water damage, then only fully comprehensive insurance applies. Therefore: Never start a vehicle that has been in high water!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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