Emergency running / engine emergency running: signs, causes, troubleshooting!

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Check engine light MKL Lights up red

The emergency running function of the engine is well known. But what are the signs and causes of problems? Under certain circumstances, the engine switches to the so-called engine limp home. This is from Controller activated if a defect or implausible measured values ​​are registered from there. This is often also displayed in the instrument cluster. In emergency engine operation, the speed usually becomes drastic throttled. As a result, the vehicle no longer has the full power available. Usually only a few horsepower to be able to drive at all. This is intended to damage the engine and individual components verhindert .

What should be considered?

Check engine MKL engine control lamp fault

If emergency operation is activated by the engine control unit, you should first Fault memory (let) read. Reading out the error memory provides initial indications of the possible cause for the activation of the emergency engine mode. A common error message is, for example, "Boost pressure control limit exceeded“. With this hint one should (or the workshop) then start looking for the cause. Clearing the error in memory usually doesn't fix the cause. A recurrence is therefore to be expected. However, it can also work, advance the error only to delete and take a test drive. Depending on the cause, there is a risk of damage up to and including engine damage in this case.

A restart as a solution?

A simple, but only very short-term solution is to simply restart the engine and thus end limp home operation. The throttling of the speed is thus reset and full power is often available again, at least for a short time. However, if a certain load limit is reached again, the control unit switches back to emergency operation. So the restart is only a short-term solution to drag yourself to the nearest workshop.

Possible causes for the emergency operation

Since there are various possible causes, it is imperative, as already mentioned, to read out the fault memory. Sources of error can be defects or falsified measured values ​​from the air mass meter, the differential pressure sensor, the camshaft sensor, the turbocharger or the boost pressure control valve

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