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Info: What is the HELP system from ESS from the USA?

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HELP System Hazard Enhanced Lightning Package ESS tuning Info: What is the HELP system from ESS from the USA?

ESS is short for Emergency Safety Solutions. ESS is a company from the USA and the company name partly describes a function for the hazard warning lights, which should prevent accidents and save lives. With the system developed by Emergency Safety Solutions, vehicles on the side of the road or on the hard shoulder should no longer (Or less) be involved in accidents. ESS uses the Hazard Enhanced Lightning Package, which is also known as "HELP" for short. HELP is also the correct name of the function. The Hazard Enhanced Lightning Package uses hazard warning patterns that differ from conventional hazard warning systems. LED hazard warning patterns are used, which immediately increase the visibility of the vehicle standing on the hard shoulder or the roadside, because the lightning cycle (the speed at which the hazard warning lights flash) is significantly increased. LED hazard warning patterns that flash faster than 4 Hz (four flashes per second), help to draw the attention of a moving vehicle immediately to the stationary car, even from a greater distance. ESS is planning to implement a hazard warning switch with two stages. When pressed for the first time, this activates the normal hazard warning lights and when pressed the second time, the faster cycle.

ESS - lack of visibility as an accident risk

HELP System Hazard Enhanced Lightning Package ESS Warnblink 2 Info: What is the HELP system from ESS from the USA?

There have been frequent deaths or injuries when a car crashed into a vehicle parked on the hard shoulder. Vehicles involved in an accident that are not well recognized in the dark or at high speeds are also a safety risk and the occupants can be damaged in rear-end collisions. A study published by Impact Research Inc. shows the increasing number of deaths and injuries from accidents that could have been avoided. For example, it states that every day in the United States, people are killed or injured in preventable accidents caused by vehicles parked as obstacles. This refers to vehicles that become obstacles on the road, for example because they have broken down and are standing on the side of the road or on the hard shoulder on a freeway. It was found in studies between 2017 and 2018 that these accidents increased by 10% on American roads.

ESS - Prevention of Accidents

HELP System Hazard Enhanced Lightning Package ESS warning flashing info: What is the HELP system from ESS from the USA?

ESS and the HELP system ensure a particularly bright light and quickly perceptible hazard warning patterns that make a vehicle that is an obstacle clearly visible. The study, carried out by Impact Research, shows that approximately 72.000 people in the United States are involved in accidents with vehicles as obstacles each year. Around 15.000 people are killed or injured as a result. The accidents in which helpers are affected by vehicles involved in an accident are also very tragic. With ESS, the accidents can be prevented. Even from a greater distance, vehicles with ESS systems should be much more visible and there should not be an accident in the first place. And HELP can be used not only manually in an emergency, but also automatically in connection with other emergency systems. The system works in the frequency range from 4 to 6 Hertz and increases the light intensity by an additional 30%. It is not clear whether ESS will prevail in the USA and possibly come to Germany. Further studies and empirical values ​​on ESS and HELP must be collected.

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