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Crazy petrol prices: should motorists switch to E10?

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Crazy petrol prices: should motorists switch to E10?

Due to the Ukraine war and in particular our greedy government, petrol prices are currently rising to such an extent that many are sweating at the gas station. Super beats now well over two euros per liter to beech and diesel is even more expensive. Therefore, many users of petrol vehicles are concerned with the question: is it worth it Switch to E10 fuel and is that even allowed? If you drive a petrol engine, you could almost be a little jealous when you look at the E10, which is usually around six cents cheaper. But can anyone with a petrol engine just fill up with E10? And does that actually make sense? The fuel Super E10, which was introduced in this country in 2011, is characterized by a higher ethanol content the end. Since then, biofuel has been fighting for acceptance. The "E" stands for ethanol and the number "10" for maximum 10 percent. The share can between 5 and 10% be. The admixture of bioethanol is intended to reduce the consumption of fossil energy and CO₂ emissions Reduce. However, skeptics worry about increased consumption and higher engine wear and are simply unsure whether their car can tolerate E10.

High petrol prices: fill up with E10, or not?

But how can you tell whether the gasoline engine can tolerate biofuel? Many petrol engines in the current vehicle stock are suitable for E10, which is why corresponding information can be found in the operating instructions. And if you own an older vehicle, you can get information from the manufacturer in advance. It's also worth reading a brochure from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), which deals with the E10 compatibility of motor vehicles. According to DAT, the E-10 fuel from all Gasoline vehicles tolerate that from 2012 were offered for sale in Germany.

Crazy petrol prices: should motorists switch to E10?

Filling up with E10: can the biofuel damage my engine?

Does this mean that drivers shouldn't have any concerns about signs of wear and tear on the engine? For vehicles for which E10 has been approved as a fuel by the manufacturer, no dangers are to be expected. If damage should occur, then we see the vehicle owner as responsible. However, it must be checked here whether the vehicle E10 tatsächlich tolerated, because otherwise there is a risk of damage to the aluminum, for example through corrosion. Further consequences could be damage to the sealing material and the hoses. Permanent damage can already occur with one tankful. Ford and Mercedes are the only manufacturers that no reservations against a one-time Misfuelling have with E10, because in this case one is enough Refueling with E5 the end. As for other car brands, it may still be sufficient to fill the remaining amount that fits in the tank with a type of fuel such as Super Plus make that contains little ethanol. But of course the ratio has to fit (approx. 50/50). If the tank is already completely filled with E10, you cannot avoid pumping it out.

Gasoline Price Rise: Does It Make Sense to Revert to E10?

Usually E10 fuel costs around six cents less, which at the current level of gas prices makes quite a small difference. But is it worth it, or do vehicles fueled with biofuel consume even more? Various studies have shown that with E10 fuel a "theoretical" consumption of about 1%, since ethanol is approx 30 percent less energy has than gasoline. The more ethanol the fuel contains, the lower the energy content. As a result, more fuel is required to provide the same energy as Super E5. Ultimately, it is up to the consumer whether he switches to E10 in view of the petrol prices and accepts the slight additional consumption against the somewhat cheaper price per liter. Info: For vehicles that are E10 compatible, you can switch between biofuel and Super E5 and mix the fuels as you like.

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Crazy petrol prices: should motorists switch to E10?

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Crazy petrol prices: should motorists switch to E10?

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Crazy petrol prices: should motorists switch to E10?

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