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Vehicle on-board diagnosis: OBD1 adapter to OBD2!

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Carly VW BMW Mercedes Co. OBD adapter test 2 vehicle on board diagnosis: OBD1 adapter to OBD2!

At the request of some readers, we decided to make a short article on the topic Vehicle on-board diagnosis and on the subject OBD1 adapter to OBD2 connection to create! In the following there is some information about the OBD-2 predecessor (OBD-1) in order not to let the drivers of older vehicles down on the subject of error detection but also tuning. However, the information listed here has not been checked in detail and is therefore not subject to any guarantee for correctness, damage to the vehicle, etc.

OBD-1: first stage of on-board diagnosis

OBD-1, the first stage of on-board diagnostics, had significantly fewer functions than its successor. In addition, OBD-1 no norm subject. Back then, every manufacturer built their own plugs and connections, some of which even differed from model to model and anyway from brand to brand.

OBD1 connector connection adapter OBD 1 vehicle on board diagnosis: OBD1 adapter to OBD2!

How do I know if my vehicle still has OBD-1?

Should you no 16-pin connector near the driver's seat, but somewhere else in the engine compartment, is maximum in your vehicle OBD-1 as a diagnostic connector installed. Most OBD-1 systems can be read out with on-board tools in order to receive an error code. But there is basically more with the older system not possible. Error codes can, in most cases, start with the Disconnect the battery be deleted, but be careful: radios with Burglar may have to afterwards be re-encoded. A few more functions are possible using an adapter from OBD-1 to OBD-2. A few individual manufacturers and vehicle models are discussed below and the functions of such an adapter are also listed.

What possibilities does an OBD-1 to OBD-2 adapter offer?

  • With the adapter, the diagnostic device can be connected to your vehicle via OBD
  • Plug & Play adapter (simple connection)
  • Example: 1x 20 pin OBD-1 connector for BMW Ediabas 1x 16 pin OBD-2 connector
  • The version of the adapter depends on the vehicle, as there is no DIN standard for OBD-1
  • BMW models from 1982-2002, for example, have a 20 pin connector
  • The Porsche models 968, 993 and 944, 964, 928, for example, have a 19 pin connector
  • The adapter is required specifically for the vehicle type

Adapter sets are also available:

  • VW / Audi adapter: 2 × 2 adapter from OBD-1 2 ​​× 2 to OBD-2 for older VAG vehicles, approx. Until 1995
  • Mercedes adapter: from OBD-1 15 pin round plug for older Mercedes vehicles, approx. Up to year of construction 2000
  • BMW adapter: OBD on round 20 pin. BMW connector for older BMW vehicles, approx. Up to 2000
  • Opel adapter: from OBD1 10 pin to OBD2 16 pin
  • Fiat adapter: from OBD1 3 pin to OBD2
  • PSA adapter: from OBD1 PSA 30 pin to OBD2
  • PSA adapter: from OBD1 PSA 2 pin to OBD2

many options for retrofitting

There is also the possibility of an OBD-1 connection from a vehicle to an OBD-2 connection without an adapter to retrofit. There is also the possibility of converting a vehicle without an OBD connection to OBD-1 or immediately to OBD-2. But some of them are extreme here extensive changes in terms of electronics and a high level of expertise are required. A new harness, countless Pinning up to partly completely new ones Control devices and components (Ignition distributor, lambda probe, possibly other injectors, OBD1 ECU, etc.) may be necessary depending on the vehicle type.

Some manufacturers also offer special ones Adapter sets (e.g.. Conversion Harness Adapter to connect an OBD1 ECU to the wiring harness) at. Usually this is only available for common vehicles. There is also an adapter where you can put the control unit from OBD2 to OBD1 can convert. The reasons why something like this is done can be varied. In any case, there are possibilities. However, it is too extensive to go into more detail here and almost impossible, especially with regard to the myriad of vehicle types.

OBD BDM chip tuning provider tuningblog2 Car On Board Diagnosis: OBD1 adapter to OBD2!

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OBD2 Diganostic car on board diagnosis: OBD1 adapter to OBD2!

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