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Feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle - the air freshener!

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Air freshener car diffuser perfume clip tuning e1572505549801 Feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle of the air freshener!

Similar to a good view or the volume of the music also a pleasant smell in the car contributes to the concentration of the driver. Thus, it even contributes an important part to driving safety in the car. Bad smells in the car can be different. Thus, slight annoyances can quite disappear with a short ventilation of the vehicle interior, while some odors, for example, due to the vehicle age deep in the seats and other components are removed only by consuming and usually expensive cleaning measures. Where not even a success is really guaranteed.

Alternative to scented trees - Car Scents

Air freshener car diffuser perfume clip California Car Scents e1572505650332 Feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle of the air freshener!

A simpler and short-term remedy form the well-known fragrant treeswhich removes the annoying odor by a pleasant (but sometimes too penetrating) Cover odor for a few days. Since these must be bought in accordance with frequent, there are certainly longer-term alternatives such as from the provider California Car Scents at. With this form of odor neutralization, a can is used that contains so-called “pads” that have been soaked in a fragrant liquid by the manufacturer. This can can be accommodated in a cup holder, for example, and can be opened at the top by means of openings as required. The pads are now in contact with the indoor air through the openings and they certainly offer the potential to give off a pleasant scent for up to two months. A can with the finished contents costs around 5 euros.

Air freshener for clipping on the ventilation slots

Air Freshener Car Diffuser Clip California Car Scents 3 Perfume atmosphere in the vehicle of the air freshener!

Another solution is provided for example by the manufacturer Febreze and is based on a container with fragrance liquid, which can be fixed to the ventilation nozzles and also dosed on the product back by means of controllable openings can be delivered. Again, according to the manufacturer of a potential of odor control over up to 30 days away. By means of the outflowing air through the nozzles, the odor is pleasantly distributed throughout the vehicle, so that under certain circumstances penetrating stagnation of odor can only be avoided in the front area of ​​the vehicle. The air freshener clip costs about 8 Euro.

Odor control by spraying

Likewise a short-term, but more cost-saving solution offer the air fresheners from various companies for spraying. This is essentially set to a spray bottle with the fragrant liquid finely atomized on the floor mats, seats or other surfaces in the vehicle can be applied. The advantage here is that usually very large bottles can be processed available for little money. However, a permanent odor nuisance can only be tackled by repeated application to the affected areas, which is quite time consuming and impractical. For a quick solution, this variant is quite suitable. A bottle with a volume of about 0.5l costs depending on the manufacturer between 10 to 15 Euro.

Alternative - electrically operated diffuser

A new method of odor control offers another product, which essentially represents an electrically operated via the cigarette lighter odor diffuser. In this case, the manufacturer often provides a large assortment of different fragrances for filling the diffuser. It is advantageous here that the fragrance can be supplied to the vehicle in various modes and at the touch of a button, which significantly increases the comfort. In addition, the liquid container contains enough content, so that a filling usually extends over a few weeks or even months. The diffuser alone usually costs around the 20 Euro, the associated liquid must be purchased for about 5-7 Euro, which makes this product most expensive for the purpose of odor control in the comparison.

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