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Efficiency from the turbocharger - the improved vacuum unit

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Vacuum can Vacuum can Turbodose 2 e1578550465305 Efficiency from the turbocharger the improved vacuum can

Looking for an improved vacuum unit? Then some factors should be considered before buying an improved pressure can for the vehicle. The vacuum boxes are generally referred to as pressure boxes and sometimes also as vacuum boxes and control the so-called manual ones wastegate, The wastegates are bypass valves and are part of an improved boost pressure control in diesel and petrol engines. In the following, the interested tuner learns more about wastegates and vacuum cans than improved tuning articles.

Improve boost pressure control / wastegates + vacuum boxes

Vacuum can Vacuum can Turbodose e1578550090787 Efficiency from the turbocharger the improved vacuum can

Wastegates ensure that exhaust gases flow past the turbocharger turbine and provide improved boost pressure control. The automotive parts, also known as bypass valves, are located between the turbocharger and the engine. At a given boost pressure, the exhaust gases can exit the car directly through the exhaust through the wastegate. Vehicles, such as gasoline and diesel, are equipped with a turbocharger and the use of wastegates makes sense for these vehicle variants. The wastegates are controlled by the vacuum boxes mentioned above. The pressure sockets are part of the charge pressure control and are operated by negative pressure. The negative pressure is in the intake system generated and improved pressure cans can provide a better response of the turbocharger. Good vacuum boxes keep the pressure constant, even at higher speeds, and help maintain the performance of the turbocharger. A vacuum box can also be used for fine adjustment of the turbocharger (spring rate).

Improved vacuum unit - what should you watch out for?

Vacuum can Vacuum can Turbodose 3 e1578550521362 Efficiency from the turbocharger the improved vacuum can

Improved pressure sockets for various turbochargers and different types of vehicles are commercially available. Regardless of whether SEAT, Audi, VW or another vehicle type with an engine including turbocharger, modified vacuum sockets offer some advantages. Both tuning workshops and online retailers can recommend improved pressure sockets for turbochargers installed as standard. When purchasing, attention should be paid to high-quality variants from well-known specialist dealers. In tuning forums, dealers or tuning workshops can be recommended who sell and install high-quality pressure cans. Variants made of aluminum are available, for example, which ensure that the turbocharger responds quickly and well. When buying, pressure cans should be purchased, which allow a spring rate and fine adjustment of the turbo. The fine adjustment enables optimal performance of the turbocharger to be called up.

Vacuum unit - high quality and robust

The modified vacuum box for vehicle tuning should be very robust and of high quality. Anyone using a vehicle with a longitudinally installed engine (1.8T Passat, for example) should pay particular attention to adjustable and suitable pressure sockets. It is also important for the motor variant that the pressure cell allows fine adjustment. Wastegates can be finely adjusted with springs. However, there should not be too much pressure. Depending on the engine, tuning and other factors, the pressure nozzle must be selected. Often the manufacturers of the turbochargers also have the right pressure can. For example, the provider Garrett has a wastegate pressure box with 1.48 bar specially designed for the Garrett turbocharger GT2860RS to GT3582R with an internal wastegate. If you do not know how to make the respective fine adjustments, you should ask for advice in specialist shops or in a tuning workshop.

Improved vacuum unit - conclusion

A vacuum box is used to regulate the boost pressure and is an advantage in diesel and petrol engines. When buying, you should pay attention to suitable, robust variants that also offer options for fine adjustment of the turbocharger. With improved vacuum cans, the tuning enthusiast can achieve the full turbo performance.

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Engine mount bracket electronically active 3 310x165 efficiency of the turbocharger the improved vacuum box

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K% C3% BCool water cap K% C3% BCool cap K% C3% BCoolant container% C3% A4tercap 310x165 Efficiency from the turbocharger the improved vacuum box

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Block reinforcement plates Bedplate reinforcement 4 310x165 Efficiency from the turbocharger the improved vacuum box

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K% C3% A4figpolsterung impact protection% C3% 9Cberrollb% C3% BCgelpolster e1578489161897 310x165 efficiency of the turbocharger the improved vacuum box

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