If the pane is scratching: QUIXX DIY Glass Scratch Remover!

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01 QUIXX Glass Scratch Remover Windscreen

In winter, many drivers are busy scraping ice off their windows almost every day. Although glass is an ultra-hard material, scratches are a regular occurrence. Small grains of sand that are rubbed over the pane are to blame, among other things. In a current ice scraper test, even the test winner left tiny scratches. The resulting damage is often hardly noticeable at first glance. But with oncoming traffic at night or when the sun is low in the sky, you are often blinded completely unexpectedly when the scratches cause dangerous scattered light. The side windows are also affected. Since it is difficult to replace all the windows after every winter, the do-it-yourself experts from QUIXX from Neuried near Munich have come up with a clever solution. The glass scratch remover, which costs just EUR 19,95, can be used by any driver without prior knowledge. With the polishing power of real diamonds, scratches can be removed in no time with this agent, even from a hard material such as glass.

QUIXX DIY glass scratch remover

The QUIXX Glass Scratch Remover pack contains everything you need to repair windscreens or other glass objects. It is a 2-component system: the high-tech diamond polish removes the scratches and the high-performance diamond finish then polishes the pane to a high gloss. Depending on the area to be processed, the content is sufficient for several applications.

And this is how the polishing process works

First, the glass is cleaned well, then the area around the scratch is roughly covered with adhesive tape. Next, attach the red polishing strip with the black ring to the wooden stick provided and apply some repair paste from the red syringe to the damaged area. Now polish with strong pressure and at a 90° angle to the scratch until nothing is visible. As a rule, at least three minutes are required per round, and the procedure can be repeated as often as you like.

Now dab off the polish residue with a damp cloth and clean the glass thoroughly in between. Finally, attach the white fleece to the wooden stick and apply finish from the white syringe. Polish until the glass is free of streaks and micro-scratches. At the end clean everything again thoroughly. Didn't quite make it on the fly? Everything is explained step by step in the video tutorial. The innovative Diamond Polishing Technology (DPT) ensures when using the QUIXX glass scratch remover for professional results. So why have it replaced or repaired at high cost if you can easily repair it yourself?!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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