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For retrofitting! An electric tailgate for your car?

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retrofit electric tailgate Tuning e1568629413100 For retrofitting! An electric tailgate for your car?

The term electric tailgate is usually meant a function that allows the opening or unlocking of the tailgate of the car by electronic means. The tailgate opens at the push of a button and the driver spares himself the mechanical unlocking with the car key. Especially with more expensive models, the electric tailgate is now available in many cars even partially standard. Optionally, it is also available for a VW Touran, an Opel Insignia or a Skoda Karoq. Not just an option for luxury cars. If it is missing, however, it may make sense to retrofit or retrofit it yourself. But not every retrofit variant is possible with every car model.

What does an electric tailgate do?

retrofit electric tailgate Tuning 2 For retrofitting! An electric tailgate for your car?

The most well-known function of the electric tailgate, is the integration of the tailgate in a central locking. When the car is parked, the vehicle doors and tailgate are locked by pressing a button on the key fob of the car key. The function is used for theft protection. You save yourself the mechanical shut-off and also the control of the individual doors and the tailgate after leaving the vehicle is no longer necessary.
Mostly there is also a switch in the interior of the car with which you can open the tailgate from the driver's seat by pressing a button. This is especially useful when charging for two or three people. You can sit comfortably in the car and open the trunk at the exact moment your colleague arrives with the load. Stopping the load on the dirty street floor while you unravel the trunk is no longer necessary. Even more practical is a self-activating tailgate activated by a sensor. With her you can perform charging activities alone without parking the cargo on the ground and you do not have to leave the trunk open while you pick up the cargo.

Which possibilities of implementation are there?

retrofit electric tailgate Tuning 3 For retrofitting! An electric tailgate for your car?

But what do you have to install in your car to allow the automatic opening of the tailgate, if the option is not available as standard? There are various possibilities, but not every variant is possible with every car model. Inquire in advance if the product you have chosen really fits in your car before you buy a kit, or have the customization done in a workshop by experienced professionals. One implementation option is the installation of a small motor at the top of the tailgate, which turns it at the joint. However, this requires a lot of power. If your car has a very heavy or stiff tailgate, it may be necessary to install two engines or, better yet, use another system. Usually a spindle drive is installed, which has the advantage of running very quietly. A push rod with pneumatics or hydraulics can take advantage of the leverage to push the tailgate from below. It is installed laterally in your trunk. Another option is tension springs or gas springs, which are mounted laterally on both sides of the tailgate.

"Easy Open" or "virtual pedal"

retrofit electric tailgate Tuning 4 For retrofitting! An electric tailgate for your car?

To be able to retrofit an electric tailgate, we find the variant with the sensor-controlled module the best. Such a retrofit set enables the boot lid to be opened with a foot gesture. It is often called "Easy Open" or "Virtual Pedal". The sensor enables wireless communication between the vehicle and the key, and the luggage compartment lid is automatically unlocked with a simple foot gesture. The built-in keyless access sensor recognizes the driver and the movement of the foot signals to an antenna in the rear bumper that the trunk should open. The price “without installation” is around € 450 for such a system.

Installation better only in a specialist workshop

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