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For some time now you have seen TV ads from large platforms that promise to buy the old vehicle at high prices. One of them is A popular and very well-known purchase portal for used cars. Regardless of which transmitter you switch on, the advertising mentioned runs in almost every advertising trailer, which is why it is particularly interesting for private individuals who want to sell their car to get more information about the portal.

And has now tested how serious the car purchase portal "WKDA" is. For this purpose, the company had a Skoda Yeti Ambiente 2.0 TDI with 110 PS from 2010 as a reference vehicle for the vehicle evaluation in the WKDA branch in Kassel. The car was in fair condition with minor signs of wear and no special features. And actually the inside of the vehicle should have been cleaned and prepared beforehand, since the interior showed various signs of use, but the testers wanted to know whether WKDA could buy such vehicles without any problems.

What do you have to bring to sell the car at WKDA?

  1. identity card
  2. Registration certificates (vehicle registration / vehicle registration)
  3. Key & duplicate key
  4. Bank data
  5. HU report
  6. Service booklet and operating instructions

When the Repareo testers arrived at the WKDA branch, they immediately noticed the busy activity in the workshop. And the service included a coffee in the waiting area with a seating area. An elderly couple had reported the sale of their Mercedes A-Class, which according to another dealer who has its company premises opposite, is only worth € 3.800, but achieved € 4.480 at WKDA. In addition, the woman who sold the A-Class described that everything went very quickly and smoothly and that there were no problems with the order processing. The on-site assessment with all the formalities only took a little over 30 minutes. The Berlin headquarters then takes between 30 and 60 minutes to transmit the purchase price to Kassel. So you can sell your old car directly within 90 minutes.

How does the vehicle evaluation work at WKDA?

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First, the car is subjected to a visual inspection, but without being driven onto the lift. Smaller rust spots and dents were apparently deliberately ignored by the examiner. Even the dog hair aroma that prevailed in the interior seemed to be unimpressed by the examiner. He just wanted to know whether the seat heating worked and whether the car was accident-free.

The WKDA principle.

The portal is not about the ultimate profit margins for every vehicle, but about high quantities. The used cars are quickly resold to dealers, with no repairs and no guarantee.

How much did the Skoda Yeti achieve?

Sell ​​car sale car 2 Test report from on the platform We buy your

Repareo had received an offer for the Skoda Yeti, which at 4.410 euros was exactly 600 euros below the estimated value of the online vehicle rating. After two days, the offer increased to 4.647 euros, which shows that it can be worthwhile to take a few days to think about it. suspects that there are popular and less popular models that are placed in a dealer auction. If the demand is high, then of course WKDA absolutely wants the vehicle and therefore increases the price. Therefore, there can be positive price fluctuations if you wait for the reflection period. Other offers from other companies:

Online calculatorLocal offer
Schwacke6.800 € (retailer EK)
€ 8.650 (retail price)
Schwacke doesn't buy
(minus € 399 commission)

The displayed values ​​are the results from the comparison calculator as well as the actual offers.

What conclusion did draw from the test?

The WKDA branch made a decent impression, and it wasn't one dubious Car dealer, but a well-maintained workshop with an appealing atmosphere and nice employees. However, was only partially satisfied with the price achieved for the Skoda Yeti, since the average price for the model on other car portals was around 7.000 euros. At a price of 4.637 euros, the Skoda Yeti could later have been left with WKDA, which believes is that the portal is a good alternative to trade-in at an authorized dealer. Especially for people who want to sell their car quickly without long negotiations. However, everyone now has to decide for themselves whether they want to accept a few financial cuts in the price for quick processing or not.

What conclusion do we draw from the test? has not only written a boring article about how the procedure for selling a car in a WKDA branch works, but has also taken the trouble to bring the complete system to you field test to undergo. In addition, also compared its competitors, who advertise hardly less on the Internet. So the result not only gives an overview of wirkaufendeinauto, but also of the other providers.

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