Roof rack system: How to find the right model for your car!

When you go on holiday by car or want to transport bulky items, a roof rack is often indispensable. In view of the many different models and manufacturers, however, the decision is not always easy. There are basically two types of roof rack systems: those that are mounted on vehicle roofs with existing roof rails are mounted, and those that are also on vehicle roofs without roof rails can be attached. crossbeam are usually used for vehicles with integrated roof rails. They are usually easy to install and offer high stability. Special assembly sets are available for vehicles without roof rails Roof bar be designated.

Important aspects when choosing the right roof rack

Before deciding on a specific roof rack system, you should consider what you want to use it for. If you want to transport a canoe or bicycle, for example, you need a roof rack with sufficient load-bearing capacity and appropriate fastening options. The size of the roof rack is also crucial, as different lengths and widths are required depending on the vehicle type and purpose. Another important factor when choosing the right roof rack is vehicle compatibility.

It is important to note that not every roof rack on every vehicle roof fits. You should therefore check the manufacturer's information carefully before buying or seek advice from a specialist. In addition to the fit and carrying capacity, the material is also crucial. Roof rack systems are usually made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum beams are lightweight and corrosion resistant, but more expensive than steel beams. Steel beams are stronger, but heavier and more prone to rust.

How fast can I drive with a roof rack?

  • The maximum speed with a roof rack varies by country and manufacturer information. In general, you should not drive faster than 120-130 km/h and pay attention to stability and weight distribution.

How many kilograms can you transport? 

  • The maximum load of a roof rack depends on the manufacturer's specifications and the type of vehicle. Usually the limit is between 50 and 100 kg. Check the information in the user manual and pay attention to the roof load limit of your vehicle.

How much does it cost to rent a roof rack?

  • The cost of renting a roof rack varies depending on the provider and the rental period. On average, prices are around €5-15 per day. Weekly or monthly rentals can be cheaper.

Safety is a priority

A roof rack must not only be stable and custom-fit, but also ensure that the load is securely fastened. Therefore, when making your selection, make sure that the system offers enough attachment points and a non-slip rubber pad. Additional tension belts can provide additional security. To prevent the load from slipping or losing while driving, it should always be well secured. This can lead to dangerous situations, especially on longer journeys or at high speeds.


A roof rack system offers a practical and flexible solution for transporting bulky items. When choosing, however, important criteria should be taken into account in order to ensure a safe journey. This includes the fit and load capacity of the roof rack, compatibility with the vehicle model, the material and safety measures when fastening the load.

If you are unsure which roof rack system best suits your vehicle and your requirements, you should seek advice from a specialist. This way you can ensure that you choose the right model and get your load safely to its destination. With a high-quality roof rack system, nothing stands in the way of carefree leisure activities and you always have enough space for your luggage.

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