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Chip tuning is a huge topic, especially in times of downsizing and turbocharged engines. You, the car tuner, can now access software solutions for your car by simply uploading your car's telemetry data to the website of uploading. Effective Tuning processes the data of your car within 15 - 30 minutes, and the recalibration of the engine software, which is carried out professionally by experienced engineers, is implemented.

You will receive an email as soon as the optimized data of your car is available for download. After that, you just have to download and install this file. This variant is of course particularly well suited for professional tuning companies to optimize customers' cars inexpensively and with high quality in terms of performance and responsiveness. So if you own a car repair shop and want to offer increased performance for vehicles with supercharged engines, effective-tuning is THE place to go. You do not have to familiarize yourself with the matter but can fall back on the knowledge of the experienced engineers of effective-tuning.

These chip tuning files are of course delivered all over the world so that tuning-enthusiastic customers can be reached around the world, and the files provided by Effective Tuning are 100% developed on the test bench itself, With the self-programmed solutions it is also possible that offers the best price-performance ratio on the market. In addition, the data is provided around the clock so that there are no time delays when it comes to engine optimization. The support hotline is also available around the clock for any questions.

Of course, this type of tuning is suitable for almost every car, regardless of whether it is a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a tractor or even a motor boat.

Advantages of software optimization in a car:

  • The response of your engine is greatly improved.
  • A performance increase of 20 to 90% is generated. Sounds unbelievable? The BMW 116D F20 is a prime example that the former 102 PS & 278 NM can "only" become 199 PS & 470 NM by means of chip tuning.
  • The acceleration is noticeably improved.
  • Emissions are noticeably reduced and consumption is noticeably reduced.

Software Optimization Chiptuning Software Optimization & Chiptuning made easy | effective

With these improvements, you as a tuner can - or your customer - Not only feel a completely new driving experience, but also save money, as your monthly fuel costs are noticeably lower thanks to the reduction in fuel consumption. If you place more value on the increased performance, then you can enjoy this performance plus after the revision by means of chip tuning from effective-Tuning to the fullest.

Software optimization in trucks in everyday working life:

  • With a truck, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 10%, which reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The torque of your truck is noticeably improved.

This means that the tuning option is also suitable for vehicles that perform well in tough everyday work, and at the same time have to be cost-effective and profitable. With a truck fleet in particular, larger freight forwarders can save thousands of euros in fuel costs each year. The same naturally applies to tractors, buses or campers. All in all, software optimization for vehicles is a win-win situation, whether for large haulage companies, for a workshop or for you as a private person who likes to drive and possibly also do cars himself. You are welcome to get an idea of ​​the tuning files on offer by visiting the website above. Do you own a workshop? Then register as a B2B customer and now offer an increase in performance for all types of vehicles by means of chip tuning.

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  1. One of the best chip tuning remap file services i have tried! RECOMMENDED!

  2. Good to know that a tuner can also reduce fuel consumption! My tractor is not performing as I promised it would. For a performance-enhancing tractor tuning, I will turn to a suitable expert.

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