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Street culture: Internet community is becoming an event service & merchandise provider

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streetculture nuernberg Streetculture: Internet community is becoming an event service & merchandise provider

The Streetculture founder Steve Weber provides the long-awaited answer to numerous questions and problems of many tuning fans in its time. Car fans and (hobby) mechanics can finally meet in a legal and organized manner. But let's start from scratch.

Development of the tuning scene in Nuremberg

streetculture nuernberg 3 Streetculture: Internet community turns into event service & merchandise provider

Long before street culture, around 2000 tuners and visitors had gathered at the Nuremberg stone grandstand on the zeppelin field at the so-called "Friday meeting" and enjoyed the lowered bodies every weekend in a lively atmosphere and chatted about this and that. Well, mostly about cars, of course . The Friday meeting unfortunately came to its tragic end in August 2003. A 15-year-old visitor to the meeting was caught in an illegal street race and had a fatal accident. The shock was not only felt in the tuning community, but deep in the whole region and the Stone grandstand has been banned.

The idea of ​​the tuning community vanishes into thin air

Years followed in which the community fell apart. Some continued to meet at the snack bar in front of the stone grandstand, others at the gas station or in parking lots. But apart from their preference for souped-up carts, they all had one thing in common: Because of the excessive police checks and numerous evictions, most of them were forced to change location or drive home several times a night.

Street culture is born

Started as an internet community and specialist forum for tuning, the Streetculture founder took on the problem. He organized private land for rent, negotiated with the police and the public order office, took care of organizational issues such as: B. the garbage disposal and enabled the car younger again large, brand-open and legal tuning meetings under the motto "Street culture is colorful! No matter what skin color, no matter which vehicle!". There are also clear announcements regarding the rules of conduct. No alcohol for drivers, no unnecessary noise and the place is left clean. The same applies to the meetings at walking pace and none burnouts, Racing or other boasting. Thanks to the rules, selected locations far away from residents and the admission control, the law enforcement officers are of the opinion that the tuning scene has developed positively.

The regional borders are being blown

Today Streetculture is one of the largest organizers for tuning events in Germany. The aim of Streetculture is, according to its own statement, to bring together individual tuning friends, clubs or associations that have diverged from one another over the course of time. What began again with the classic Friday meetings at a fixed location in Fürth or Nuremberg has become a huge, Germany-wide scene portal that organizes meetings and events throughout Bavaria, but also at large meetings such as B. on the Wörthersee. The biggest street culture events include the season start and season end meetings, which attract car tinkerers and fans from all over Germany. Meanwhile it gives up even an online shop with gift items that make the heart of every car fan beat faster, as well as their own merchandise in a street culture look. The Streetculture app also provides fans with the latest event dates and social media activities. Thanks for the commitment!

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