The tuning of electric cars! These possibilities exist.

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What is conceivable and what is actually in Tesla & Co. when it comes to tuning electric cars? Is it even feasible to tune an electric car? After all, the exhaust doesn't have to be enlarged, the sound isn't there and the battery on the underbody prevents lowering, doesn't it? Fear not, electric car tuning is a viable and popular option. It can be difficult to find a suitable workshop that can tune the electric vehicle. But she does.

Which electric vehicles are suitable?

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Generally are Electric vehicles suitable for tuning. It doesn't matter whether it's an optical or driving dynamics upgrade. In principle, nothing stands in the way of a successful conversion if the right parts are found that meet the customer's requirements. Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Honda are currently the most “tuned” e-vehicles when we check our tuningblog search history over the last 12 months. the Honda-e and Tesla Model 3 and Model S Porsche Taycan are the models that are currently the focus of attention. And it will be particularly exciting in the future when companies like NIO and XPENG launch their vehicles.

Difference between tuning the e-car and the combustion engine!

The main difference between tuning a combustion engine and an electric car is that the driver rarely an emotional impulse can be given. A good V8 sound (or R5, V12 & Co.) can immediately convey a positive emotion. With an electric vehicle, things are a bit more complicated. Here they will visual sense of the owner more emphasized. However, the rest of the properties are largely comparable. You can change anything that appeals to you, is affordable, and is fun.

What role do chip tuning and efficiency play?

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In most cases, the range can be increased by an improved aerodynamics raise. A fascinating and trendy topic, chip tuning is another story. Although most electric cars are already fast, some want to increase the acceleration value here too. The market is almost exploding here. Chip tuning for electric vehicles is expected to change dramatically in the future. Because you have to come up with more. The constant so-called "Over-The-Air-Updates" (OTA for short) often overwrite and destroy the modified software of the tuners. In the future, therefore, chip tuning software must be developed that update-safe is. Currently there are already possibilities for more power and range by means of chip tuning for Tesla vehicles and also on Porsche Taycan it's already your turn. In general, the trend towards chip tuning will, in our opinion, develop in the same way as with the combustion engine. In other words, there will be suitable software from a tuner for almost every vehicle.

Is lowering possible?

If you lower an electric car by the right amount, improved As a rule, the driving dynamics change due to the battery’s lower center of gravity. Tesla's Model 3 is the best example of this. It is not very comfortable as standard and is even less sporty. thanks to Lowering springs However, the vehicle can be driven more comfortably and sportily. If the driving dynamics are to be further developed in the direction of sportiness, a coilover suspension should be used. KW is a good contact person. With the chassis you can also complete a track day on the race track. With a few clicks, the suspension can be switched from comfortable to sporty, firm and direct. And in cars with air suspension are modified tie rods common. This allows the system to recognize the new values ​​and adjust the altitude accordingly. However, they are more elegant lowering modules, in which the user can flexibly change the height values ​​using a smartphone app.

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Are there sound files that are used for optimization?

From an acoustic point of view, combustion engines are the exact opposite of electric motors. Many who love combustion engine noise are terrified by the prospect of switching to an electric vehicle (understandably) away. Although there are special sounds for the cabin, an alternative is the music from the loudspeaker - in our opinion - but never be. Also she can - for us – generate “no” sporting emotions. And that's exactly why there are currently hardly any companies working on a development.

Is it true that tuning an electric car voids the warranty?

The warranty or guarantee for the converted or directly affected components usually expires. This can even apply to the entire vehicle. But this is also the case with the combustion engine. Before you convert, you should play it safe and ask the manufacturer directly.

What obstacles does an electric car tuner have to overcome?

One of the most difficult challenges is the certification of the conversion according to the applicable regulations and the StVZO. That's one of the reasons why all vehicle conversions should be done by a professional. This saves a lot of time, money and, above all, annoyance. The conversion of Bremsanlage can be done in different ways. Whether brake cooling, sports brake discs or 6-piston brake systems, everything is possible.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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