Wheel bolts: conical collar, spherical collar, flat collar, adapter shells & Co.!

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A topic that is particularly Accessory rims likes to come up, that's the topic of the right one Wheel Bolts/Wheel Bolts. With a new wheelset, you can assume that the correct fasteners will be included, but that's not really guaranteed. And that applies especially to used rims. These are often provided by the seller without the right wheel bolts are delivered and then the question arises: Which wheel bolts/wheel bolts do I actually need?

Conical collar, spherical collar, flat collar

Tapered collar, spherical collar, flat collar Wheel bolts

Wheel bolts are possible for fastening the rims taper seat, as Kugelbund and relatively rare are so-called flat waistband wheel studs. Apart from fastening systems with nuts (are screwed onto stud bolts fastened in the wheel carriers) these are the typical types of wheel bolts used to attach wheel rims to the vehicle. A rim will just fastened with the wheel studs. It is therefore essential the right use wheel bolts. And it doesn't matter whether it's steel rims, aluminum rims, carbon rims, etc. Every single wheel bolt has to be replaced sit properly, in order not to damage the rim and to be able to guarantee the safety of the vehicle.

Differences cone & ball collar!

Tapered collar spherical collar flat collar wheel bolt radius E1658398042419
All dimensions must be observed

There are also differences in the radius of the screws. In the case of the spherical collar screw, for example, the radius is given the unit "R“ stated. So R12, R13, R14 etc. All details of a wheel bolt must be carefully observed. This concerns the following points: fret type (e.g. ball), ball radius (e.g. 12 mm / R12) Thread (e.g. M12 x 1,5), height from Hexagon (A) (e.g. 13,0 mm), height from bunch of (B) (e.g. 8,0 mm), shaft length and Thread (C) (e.g. 55mm & 1,5), head diameter (KD) (e.g. 22,0 mm) and the wrench size (e.g. 17 mm/SW17). More values ​​like that strength class (e.g. 10.9) or the usable length (e.g. collar + thread = 41 mm) must also be observed. info: Wheel bolt cones with a movable collar are also used for some wheel spacers!

Checkered collar bolts & adapter shells!

In the field of trailers, so-called knurled collar bolts used. To attach a conventional rim to the vehicle, however, only rarely (e.g. Ford Focus Bj. 2010). And then there is the issue of adapter shells, about from Cone collar on ball collar (e.g. for M12 taper collar on R12 spherical collar). Such adapter shells (spherical collar) are used or required if commercially available screws/rim locks are not available in the desired design.

With such an adapter shell, a rim lock can be adapted from, for example, a cone collar to a spherical collar, which of course also applies to a conventional wheel bolt. However, so far we are NONE Known adapter shells, the one have approval. And that has it's reason. Due to the pairing of materials, the tightening torques can no longer be clearly defined and the shaft length is also shortened by the attachment, which is why such an adapter shell is in our eyes is life-threatening.

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