What is a so-called turbo knee?

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Tuning Turboknie Turbo Elbow Turboknee Kruemmer Boge Kniestück

A turbo knee forms the Connection between turbocharger and downpipe. The turbo knee is often also called elbow or just as Bow designated. In order for the intake air to flow properly into the engine, the turbo must be in a certain position. This is made possible by the turbo knee. So it has no active, but rather a passive function.

Difference to the series component

A turbo knee is installed on all engines that use a turbocharger. So, these can be both gasoline and diesel engines. The difference between a turbo knee from a tuning accessory and a standard component is mainly the result of the performance characteristics and the reduction in heat build-up. However, it does not make sense to only install a turbo knee in tuning form (e.g. open), since this alone does not result in an increase in performance. Only the accumulation of heat may be reduced.

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legal concerns

  • In principle, all parts that are changed, added or removed from a vehicle must also be typed. One E-approval number basically dictates the law. So it makes sense in any case, if you want to save high costs, to make sure that the turbo knee has an approval.


  • Which vehicles a modified turbo knee is suitable for is relatively easy to answer - all vehicles with turbo engines have a turbo knee, and only these can be modified or exchanged. The turbo knee is available in different sizes in terms of diameter and length of the component. Both tuned diesel and gasoline vehicles can be customized with different types of turbo knees.

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How should it be installed?

  • A turbo knee only makes sense if there is improved air flow through the remaining parts of the exhaust system can be ensured. If the vehicle's performance is too low, but the diameter of the turbo knee is too large, air turbulence can occur within the exhaust system, which can lead to a back pressure and thus to irregular performance development or even a drop in performance. The diameter of the exhaust parts and the performance of the vehicle including the turbo should therefore have a certain degree of congruence with the remaining parts, so that negative effects on the engine and performance can be prevented.

Does the turbo knee always make sense?

  • Yes, the turbo knee itself does, but not the exchange - because, as already mentioned at the beginning, it is a rather passive part in the engine compartment. Depending on the manufacturer and the basic specification of the respective vehicle, only such a minimal or even no advantage can be achieved by changing the turbo knee that it is does not pay outto take the money for it. The costs for a tuning turbo knee are often well over 200/300 euros. You should not spend more than 80-100 € used, depending on the manufacturer and vehicle.

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