Tractor tuning for more power (chip tuning)

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Software optimization chip tuning

You may be wondering what exactly the Tractor chip tuning happens and whether there is a difference to software tuning? For that we have the answer for you. Chip tuning means that software in the engine control unit is improved. That is why chip tuning is also called software tuning. Chip and software tuning are therefore the same. The individual parameters such as injection timing, boost pressure and fuel quantity are optimized and even better coordinated. At the same time, this optimizes the efficiency of the agricultural vehicle.

For the sake of the environment and wallet

Case IH Magnum 340 CVX With PowerControl DX

It is important for a farmer when this one economical and reliable working work machine operates. It doesn't matter whether the vehicle is a combine harvester, a tractor or a device for the field of forestry technology, many tuners have developed suitable technologies for this so that energy and raw materials are used more efficiently. This mainly saves you money and at the same time helps nature. With the use of chip tuning for the tractor, etc., you can achieve lower consumption for your work equipment, therefore save a lot of raw material costs and at the same time enjoy improved performance.

The results of chip tuning

The Tractor chip tuning can usually increase around up to 30 percent from the torque up to 20 percent more hp as well as at the same time 5 to 15 percent fuel savings can be achieved. And in connection with that Chip or software tuning often becomes one with the same driving style Reduction of fuel consumption reached. How it works? By shifting the torque curve! This enables driving at lower engine speeds, thereby reducing fuel consumption. In addition, after chip tuning, the driver has the same power available in the lower speed range than previously in the higher ones.

The results at a glance

  • improved performance/gains ranging from 5 to 20 percent
  • Increase in torque between 5 and 30 percent
  • lower consumption after chip tuning

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Case IH Magnum 340 CVX Performance Tuning

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