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Before the charge air reaches the combustion chamber, it has to be cooled. This is important to a More efficient to reach. For this there are intercoolers, like Wagner's, in different variants and sizes. Due to the lack of space in many vehicles, most intercoolers are too small for what they are supposed to do. As a result, the air in the intake manifold becomes too warm and the desired additional performance cannot be achieved. Snow performance creates a remedy for the problem. This is a special one Water-methanol injectionAlso Intercooler called, which brings the desired additional performance.

Snow Performance Boost cooler

Snow Performance Boost Cooler 2

We are Turbo center in Berlin is on the boost cooler specialized and it is available there immediately. The temperature of the charge air is significantly lowered by the injection of Water or a water-methanol mixture. The injection then takes place directly in front of the throttle valve or on the intercooler. The liquid creates an extremely fine mist and is mixed with the charge air. When used externally, the mist cools down the intercooler, allowing it to work more effectively.


Snow Performance includes the Boost Cooler different control options and in various expansion stages. The right solution is guaranteed to be found for every application. The wide range of applications extends from simple on and off switches to variants for needs-based control via a display. Furthermore, the system also for engines suitable for manifold or direct injection. By the way, it can not only for turbo engines, but also for naturally aspirated engines be used. The Boost Cooler can be used with pure water or a water-methanol mixture. The corresponding tanks for storing the liquids are available in different sizes: 3 liters, 9,5 liters or 26,5 liters. The system is suitable for almost all vehicles in the power range from 100 to 1.500 hp. The Boost Cooler is presented in detail by Turbo Zentrum Berlin in this YouTube video.

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